Southern Front / Press

“Dunno how much you guys know about a metal band out of Austin, Texas named SOUTHERN FRONT, but I am here to educate you… THIS is a band that does it right, people… SOUTHERN FRONT have shown us that they are fully capable of hangin’ with the big boys and making some of them look nervously over their shoulders at what’s coming.”

““Face Down” has grabbed me by the throat and won’t let go. It’s a groove-laden, high-speed, hard-driving machine with lots of darting fretwork, punchy rhythms, and flesh-scarring vocal howls and roars — plus some cool dive-bombing solos. The video for the song involves a goat, whiskey, a chase, and a knife — and I’ll let you discover the rest of the story for yourselves.”

“I love my adjectives, and I’m usually pretty good with them, but I seem to have run out of them when it comes to describing the bone-crushing metal imposed upon the world by Austin’s Southern Front… For all the effort they make to stand out from a crowded scene, Southern Front still manages to be exactly what dark metal is supposed to be: pure brutal carnage, as demonstrated in their recently released video for the single “Face Down“.”

“Southern Front was a boot to the head for me early Saturday morning. It's not very often in this day and age you find a band that produces artery crushing metal, looks like a real metal band, and produces a video that is simply metal to its core. I know I keep saying the word metal a lot but it's the only accurate word to describe these Texas based bangers.”

“Everything’s bigger in Texas. Steaks. Beers. Hats. And now metal. Southern Front have burst forth from the Texan metal scene with a saddlebag full of outsized riffs, and on latest LP Death Throes, they prove that they’re definitely not afraid to use them… Southern Front’s sound comes closest to the quintessential New Wave of American Heavy Metal. A combination of thrash metal bite and groove metal punch, it’s perfectly suited to delivering knockout metal hits. The interplay between the two styles really helps the flow of the music… In combination with tight songwriting skills, the overall package is an immediate, giant metal sound that maintains its quality through the whole album. Southern Front’s new album might not be subtle, but they have produced a work full of huge, fun, wall-of-death metal that will keep your neck muscles strong and give your neighbors headaches.”

“Southern Front sounds like they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with. For proof of their intense heavy metal power, check out their recent video for the track “Face Down,” which comes off their late 2014 album, Death Throes. With enough musical proficiency to be considered a tech death band, Southern Front clearly has it’s roots in thrash metal and groove metal.”

“When the video started, I really wasn’t sure what I was getting into. But once the band started playing, holy. crap. They’re awesome! Southern Front’s Death Throes album came out late last year and it’s a great listen. The album is relatively short at eight tracks, but it leaves you feeling satisfied, like you’ve listened to a great work of art. Unlike some albums where tracks blur together, every song on Southern Front’s Death Throes is different and interesting… Southern Front are a stand out band in a tough industry…”

“Southern Front is not about pumping their albums full of anything irrelevant. Therefore, it’s quality over quantity on this one. It’s just metal and quite heavy metal at that… Following up their Seasons of Hate EP, Death Throes is a no frills experienced mixed with growling (Lamb of God-like) vocals, copious double bass drumming, and enough guitar solos that give them a more thrashy edge… Overall, Southern Front’s latest work is brief, but packs a lethal dose of metal…just metal. Very straightforward metal… Death Throes is an album built on a foundation of early thrash, but incorporates some technical elements and death metal growls…”

“Southern Front will give you the taste of drinking whiskey.”

“Southern Front are a purely thrash-determined band from Austin, Texas. For all of you guys out there loving Testament, Slayer and Pantera this band will be a fest. They've recently released a brand new video for the track "Face down" taken from the new album "Death Throes".The great thing is that the track reminds me a lot of Testament in their phase while they released "Low". It's pure power going straight forward with clear, yet very hard vocals in the style of Pantera. This mixture goes very heavy but the double axe guitar players add a lot with the traditional yet also technical and skilled playing technique reminding me of the old Slayer songs… A cool feature is that both play left-handed something you don't see very often but it looks great…”

"Southern Front discharges a deceptively streamlined metal groundswell rife with deep veins of rhythmic yield. The local quintet's debut thrashing integrates a compositional complexity perfectly imbedded in its no-frills gutting... Join or Die, less a command than Southern hospitality."

“From the opening note, Southern Front place all their cards on the table and never really deviate too far from it. Join Or Die is an album that shows a band with a bright future and a ton of talent.”