Sounds Like Shavon / Press

“Your music is very unique, and the song 'Blacksong...' and other new selections which you have added are a departure for you. They are reminiscent of Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac in style and presentation, mixed with hip hop/trip hop, and are refreshing to listen to in today's music market”

"You have a very creative mind and an ear for magic with any song, I am very taken by your talents and feel you will go very far in the buisness, there are few out there like you and none the same."

Von Trupe - VT productions

"they are indeed acoustic songs that are deep and rich with meaning, a true emerging emo voice, shavon has something to say and we want to listen."

A & R select

"Yours songs are very well written and radio catchy, your voice is unreal"

Robert Fordde - Knight and Fordde

"Voice A... uniqueness A++...Sincerity A++...songs/songwriting A+...likeability A+.. the wedding dress photos are totally incredible..I like your brave enough to be you"

Ken Producer Music Row Nashville - Ken

"you're Bloody awesome, Im really very impressed. Loved your outstanding, touching acoustic stuff, wonderful songs, great energy, beautiful voice. Your very talented indeed."

Carlo - Basiile Radio