Soundpires / Press

“Cool breaks and fusion-dabbled rapping.”

“Michelob takes a minimalist rap lope with "India" and "Dead End Street", really devouring the rhyming meat by the time he gets to "World No More".”

“A creative and intelligent mixture of soul, salsa, hip-hop and jazz. The sound of this unclassifiable group is always hot, efficient and eclectic.”

“An Ordinary Day also places additional emphasis on real-time playing, relying less on the samples which powered Us3's earlier work. At the beginning there are fun tracks exploring personal politics, before the scope gradually widens to tackle grim social issues. The fun section strikes hard with "Get Out", Alison Crockett emoting on the Shirley Bassey scale, swiftly chased by "You Can't Hold Me Down", where fellow New Yorker Michelob raps lubriciously over inspired Indo-Latino fusion.”

“Rapper Michelob hat und ist eine besondere Stimme. Vor "An Ordinary Day In An Unusual Place" arbeitete er bereits mit dem New Yorker DJ Funkmaster Flex zusammen, aber Wilkinson wurde durch ein Demo-Tape auf ihn aufmerksam. "Mick ist ein echt entspannter Typ und ich denke, daß die Musikalität meiner Tracks gut zu seinem Ansatz paßt. Er ist irgendwie abgedreht und anders, und schon deshalb mag ich ihn. Man sollte sich auf jeden Fall ýYou Can't Hold Me Down' mit ihm anhören."”

“Excellent idea to combine great jazz recorded compositions with some live instruments and vocals remixing the beats at the same time was still quite fresh at that time and really made a serious revolution in music clubs culture. Perfectly produced and recorded,this music attracted attention of younger generation to jazz-related music once again.”