~The Band SALT~ / Press

"fits just right" sounds very powerful and honest, like the best songs of american songwriters like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen. GREAT STUFF!

Attack Karma - Attack Karma

“Hello, I'm listening your nice songs and get positive vibration for my soul. Thanks. Jean-Chris from Paris”

BINETTI - Reverb Nation

“Your Great boss! Superb talent! You rule!”

Roses For Grace - RN

“Taking Blues to a new level, love the imagery and flow!!! ~ Matthew”

RN Artist Matthew Johnson

“Outstanding music guys....we'll be back! Thanks and Cheers from Sonic Sobriety!”

“Hey Salt, Great stuff here. "She's Amazing" is very cool. Love the vocals and the drive in your tunes. Think you have an original sound. Glad I found your site.”

"This latest song has so inspired me...i can'y stop singing it, playing it, dancing around to it!! this band is going places!!! bigg thumbs UP to SALT!!!"

"Your music is phenomenal! AwesOMe lyrics too! Divine rainbow waves of light, love, peace, music and truth! "

"This new, fresh sound tickles all of the senses in one way or another before each song has reached it's end. More like The Eagles, Hall & Oats, Hootie & The Blowfish, Bob Dylan all mixed up into one flavorful warm desert.....Simply dilish..Leave's the heart, soul and ear wanting more every time" ~unknown~

"Alone in the Dark is a diamond of a song and beautifully and expertly put together and delivered. Instrumentally gentle, the musicians cleverly balance supporting but not overwhelming the incredible vocalist. The song exudes a waltzy, moonlight, 1930's feel. That makes it a classic. It matches my Art Deco decor with equal style and class.(Michele Boylan.Reviewer/Critic)"

“Multi-genre, Salt is a talented, tight unit delivering both a striking sound and catchy lyrics. The fast pace of 'Fits Just Right' with its clever line: "No more shopping around, the perfect fit I have found" contrasts with the more cruisy, carefree, convertible ride, 'Breathless' and its grab line, "She leaves me breathless". The instrumentals are an athletic component with guitars getting a versatile workout while the drummer strongly controls and maintains the perfect timing. The vocalist, Kevin Mason has an oustanding voice combining strength, great tone and lyrical clarity. This group is an amazing package and it's apparent why they've caught the attention of Hollywood. Great stuff guys and good luck with the big break! (Michele Boylan. Reviewer/Critic)”