Sonny (A Minimal-escent Music Artist) / Press

"Sonny could be the unborn child of Cocteau Twins and William Blake or the male alter ego of Kate Bush or even the long gone brother of Sigur Ros."

Muzine Magazine

"Moving, sacred and at times heartbreaking, 'The Spirit Of Elegy' glows with a warmth that its creator has etched into every track. Sonny's style merits comparisons to The Cocteau Twins, 80s troubadours Tears For Fears and Depeche Mode. Despite those bands' failing popularity over the last decade, this cannot be a bad thing. Sonny is his own artist, however, and his form of gothic ambiance, though at times morbid, has its place in modern music (though not on a cell block on suicide watch). It is hard not to be drawn in by the haunting lullabies."

Last Broadcast

"Sonny's 'Frost Fair' is an ethereal piece – very evocative of a misty Victorian morning over the Thames but not in any kind of hackneyed folk way. The airy choral vocals are massively reverbed and just sit over a constant guitar loop. It's so pure sounding it could have been sung by castrato. Beautiful and completely unlike anything else you are likely to hear at the moment. Now, did I tell you about the time the snow drifted over the top of the lampposts?"

Tasty Fanzine

"...the soft seduction of the crystalline chiming dream washes that succulently freefall through the cavernous wilderness of ‘shine like silver’ their measured grace and murmur like heaven bound tonalities suggest as the press release rightly notes a mid way holding point between the lazily glazed dream pop accented angelic airiness of the Cocteau Twins and the frosted elegance of Sigur Ros though on a second listening we here are thinking there’s something of the amorphous soft prog psych artistry of the criminally overlooked Levitation about its wares."

Losing Today

"Radiant plaintive minimal blend of considered simple rich vocals and ambient romanticism. Indeed a spiritual elegy – refined, crafted, restrained orchestral electronica with a slowly moving dark moody edge that gets somewhere near a gothy black cloud or two in a rather positive way. All rather beautiful and relaxing and bathed in "cathedral splendour" - slowly swirling goodness for Cocteau Twin fans who find Sigur Ros just a little too bright. Splendidly exquisite and warmly recommended."

Organ Magazine