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“I’m thinking this Utah native has traveled the musical universe more than once. I hear strains of Floyd, Captain Beefheart, Echo and the Bunnymen, Dear Mr. President ( you’re truly a music weirdo if you know that one), and so many more influences I couldn’t put my finger on them all, even if it lit up like ET’s.”

"Unique Sound! Reminiscent of the Cars meets Foo Fighters".

Jason Pyles - Daily Herald

“The song has a relentless sound - those frothy cymbals creating a lot of tension and noise. The singer has a confident voice and I like his delivery. He is sharp and passionate. The chorus is quite catchy. ”

Soundout.com Listener #3 - Soundout.com review of Lost if Uncertain

“Now you're on track-- superbly selected notes lead the intro here followed by a bass drive that leaves no doubt this is an authoritative groove. The vocals are woven with precision into this understated rock tapestry that just drives and pulses.”

David Namerow (Funk Artist/Percussionist) - Reverbnation.com

“Lead vocals remind me of the singer from the Smashing Pumpkins. Catchy Tune (Lost if Uncertain) with a good beat and definitely be interested in hearing more from this band.”

Soundout.com Listener #5 - Soundout.com review of Lost if Uncertain

“Sodacon culls musical ideas from a surprisingly diverse pool of inspiration and the results are stunning.”

“Billing the Sodacon sound as “electro-indie space rock,” Jesse Crawford created the Sodacon project a decade ago as an outlet for experimenting with a mix of electronic music and analog instrumentation. He’s released four albums under the Sodacon moniker since 2005, and his newest collection is arriving not just on CD, but on vinyl, complete with digital download card. There’s a somewhat ‘80s feel to songs like “Wave Ride Adventure,” and Crawford is certainly a testament to what technology allows a one-man band to do in 2011”

“Good Performance overall. The music is good enough to shake your mind and the lyrics are ready to be repeated by Listeners. Liked the Combination of Instruments and effects. Loved it!”

Soundout.com Listener #8 - Soundout.com review of Lost if Uncertain

“The lyrics are good, well written. Really enjoyable to listen to. I felt good listening to it. The track is just the right length. The lyrics Never gonna break stand out in my mind after listening. Would definitely love to hear this more, on radio perhaps.”

Soundout.com Listener #7 - Soundout.com review of Lost if Uncertain