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Society Burning is a coldwave industrial rock act masterminded by Daveoramma. Originally founded in Las Cruces, New Mexico as a side project of Daveoramma’s in 1991 by the moniker ‘The Watchmen’, a tribute to the Alan Moore graphic novel. Shortly before the release of project’s first self produced work, Daveoramma brought on avant-garde guitarist Boom chr Paige. Both musicians dedicated themselves full time to the effort, quickly coming to the attention of Chase (of Re-constriction fame) that same year. The band also gained international recognition via (ab)use of newsgroups on the Internet, being one of the first acts to embrace the technology as a marketing vehicle.
In 1995, Twitch joined and Society Burning signed to Re-Constriction. The following year, the label issued the premix cd Entropy Lingua. In 1997, Re-Constriction issued the full-length album Tactiq, of which Peter Scaruffi called "one of the most violent works" in the Nine-inch-Nails--KMFDM style category in his book A history of rock music 1951-2000.
Over the next two years, the musicians worked mostly independently: Daveoramma worked with a cast of voices to bridge songs for the parody/tribute album Cyberpunk Fiction while Boom chr Paige worked as remixer for artists including Leæther Strip, Purr Machine, THD, Urania, Hexedene, and Battery. The band parted ways in 1999, following the closure of Re-Constriction. Daveoramma relocated to Santa Cruz, California, Twitch remained in Denver, Colorado, and Boom chr Paige is currently located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The band rejoined in 2007 by first re-releasing their older material, including the mysteriously absent ‘State of Decay’ CD. After a quick interview with Fabryka Magazine early in 2007, the band began working to streamline the technology between each of the members to be able to work together on new material. 2009 would prove the philosophy out, as remote desktop, video conferencing, and assorted file-sharing technologies would cater to the band's goal to finish 15 new tracks entitled "Internal Combustion".
By May of 2010, Daveoramma had returned to New Mexico and the band had just completed their first remix contest, with two winners emerging (New York's PRODUKT and Philadelphia’s UCNX) to be featured on the CD. In classic SoBu style, with plenty of blood, sweat and comic books, the band released "Internal Combustion" on October 12, 2010. In 2011 they released the “Nausea ad Nauseam” EP, featuring remixes from “Internal Combustion” and an original track co-written with Eric Gottesman from Everything Goes Cold.
The next several years brought further refinements to the creative process allowing the band to branch into the visual arts with music videos and exploring interactive gaming. Musically, they continued their work on remixes for other bands while writing a new album, as well as releasing several original tracks. Most notably “I Am the Man”, their contribution on Electronic Savior’s II, a cancer benefit CD series that has brought together the entire Industrial music community.
They are currently recording and releasing new material on the 13th of every month.

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Daveoramma - Multi-Instrumentalist, Boom - Multi-Instrumentalist/Guitars & Vocals
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Society Burning
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EDM / Industrial / Cold Wave

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Taos, NM

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