Smooth Money Gesture / Press

“Catchy songwriting, interesting compositions and fearless improvisation showed that Smooth Money is undoubtedly an up-and-coming band to keep an eye on.”

“Smooth Money has been nestled up in Nederland pumping out heavy grooves for a few years now. ... “Nedheads” have been singing high praises of them for quite some time now. They played a healthy mix of originals and covers, and even brought out a full horn section at one point. Smooth Money Gesture should keep the future of the Colorado music scene shining bright. These guys were a real treat to experience.”

"whose vocal harmonics and chunky keyboard sounds brought their originals and covers... to a whole new level"

"Smooth Money Gesture is the very Wiki of a happy jam band...Helixes of ebullient guitar...cerebral texture from the organ and keys provides that rare, full, Psychedelic-Funk expansion augmenting the complex interplay as two drummers / percussionists mesh in ever-evolving labyrinths of rhythm...Uplifting and a reason to smile!"

"Smooth Money Gesture had the crowd on their feet and shaking their bones. Smooth Money is a local treat and I recommend checking out their progressive jams."

"Booking Smooth Money Gesture at Desert Rocks was like putting white chocolate on a ripened strawberry. The band's sound is the essence of jam scene music, they truly fulfilled the festivals requirement for the genre."

J.R. Corkery - Owner Desert Rocks Music Festival www.desertrocks.org

"With this new arrangement Smooth Money is the best jamband I've seen in years!"

“...known for their ability to blend rock n' roll, funk, blues, reggae, bluegrass, ethnic and electronic styles into something beautiful... high-energy psychedelic groove rock with planned and improvisational moments, lyrical and instrumental sections that transcend the boundaries of reality..”

“The Mountain-Ear newspaper had a "Best of the Peak to Peak" contest. Smooth Money Gesture was voted second in the best Musician/Band category. Losing by only a few, hundreds of local fans showed support with emails and votes.”

"The Smooth Money Gesture always brings high energy and a great crowd to their local bar.  I would encourage anyone into the psychedelic rock/jam scene to check them out.  We love these guys!!"