Skytown Riot / Press

““Soul or System” is both fluid and flawless, a pop-rock record that draws equally from old-fashioned American rock ‘n’ roll to the more sophisticated leanings of Brit-pop.”

“Knoxville’s anthemic alt-rock band, Skytown Riot, may just be the southern regions best kept secret, but not for long. The quartet are preparing to unleash their latest effort, Soul or System, a 6-track EP set to drop on November 19th.”

“Skytown Riot takes pages from the books of bands that have built their careers on filling stadiums with monstrous riffs and choruses that beg to be sung along to. On “Misbehave”, it seems as if frontman Van Gallik has attended the Adam Levine school of vocal swagger. When pianos come into play, like on “The Afterglow”, you can’t help but wonder if Chris Martin from Coldplay is secretly a guest member. And when Gallik lets loose with those aforementioned massive riffs? Sometimes they’re shiny and slick, sometimes they’re raw and jagged, but regardless, it sounds like the second coming of Muse.”

“Skytown Riot has delivered a sound that’s like a guilty pleasure for the ears.”

“This isn’t an EP, it’s a launch of a band that has worked hard to tick all the right boxes to be as big as the stadium rock bands that have come before them.”

“The collection opens with the impressive, ‘Sensational,’ which has the kind of arena theatricality that would make the likes of Queen proud.”

“This is an EP that just won’t disappoint!”