Skunk Funk / Press

“Bass is killing it! Funky! Love the energy! Way to bring it right out of the gate! Non-stop establishment, they're burning up the stage!”

Kellie Fuller of 1440 KVON, 99.3 The VINE "Kellie in the Morning" - Napa BOTB Judge Comments

“In regards to the SKUNK FUNK SOUNDSYSTEM, I can’t say enough great things about this young band: they really got in a groove, and the crowd couldn’t help feeling the band’s funky vibes when they hit the dance floor! They held the crowd’s attention with amazing and seemingly effortless musicianship — they definitely have that “Wow Factor!” Robert, the trumpet player, did a astonishing job showcasing his skills, along with each member of Skunk Funk performing in their own dynamic and distinctive way. You have to see them perform!”

“My Favorite band of the night was Skunk Funk Sound System. The 4 talented young men had me rushing out of the green room to see them on stage, and listen to their funky bass lines and poly-rhythm drums beats. They had me engaged from the start — definitely a band to keep watch on!!!”