skribe / Press

“Skribe plays an oil can called a canjo-zookie. It’s an eight-string guitar with a biting, blues-y rasp. Skribe’s got the voice (and the old-school Cadillac) to match. Accompanying himself on the suitcase-kick and hi-hat, Skribe’s “M.I.Y.” is a barn-burning roots number.”

“If Chris Stapleton can find a way to win four CMA Awards in 2015, then maybe there’s hope that the country community will be smart and adopt SKRIBE and his oil-can “canjo-zookie” too. With gauged ears and a suitcase for a kick-drum, he’s exactly the kind of phoenix a burning-alive country industry needs right now.”

"I've been meaning to write up a review for this album for weeks, but have been too busy listening to it over and over again. Aaron of Skribe is one of the best local songwriters out there, and this is a perfect example of his mastery of the craft! From start to finish, this is a supremely satisfying set of songs. Not to be missed, folks!"

“They call it "garage folk," perhaps because the music is crafted without any more polish than it needs to showcase the allure of its soulfully delivered down-to-earth lyrics. The focus of Skribe's sound is rhythmic acoustic strumming and plucking with emphatic vocals that epitomize the musical landscape of the area's small-town city feel. Oh yeah, and the kazoo. Who knew you could elevate a quasi-irritating kid's birthday party favor to a desirable sounding musical instrument?!”

"A down to earth, no frills garage folk outfit from Maryland making solid good time tunes."

"You can hear more soul in one line from Skribe than many mainstream artists can muster in an entire career. More than any artist on the album, Skribe knows exactly how his voice and guitar are meant to fit together."

“Levy is 1 of 3 potential hits (along with Shade & Soulberger) ready for airplay.”