SJ / Press

"So everybody won yesterday evening for an early set on the FPL stage by rising local artist SJ. The acoustic pop-rock crooner enjoyed a slot technically opening for Ed Sheeran....SJ and the young, heavily female, stylish crowd soon formed a mutual appreciation society, with the husky-voiced performer bantering easily between his upbeat selections...and it’s easy to see why — SJ’s sunny, catchy originals are the kinds of tunes that would soothe frayed nerves on a Sunday morning."

"SJ, a South Florida-based acoustic singer-songwriter, will performing the first CNCC concert at 7 p.m. April 5 at the Trapper Mine training shop. The training shop will be converted into an indoor/outdoor concert venue for the occasion. SJ has gained national attention for his work. His website compares his music to that of Jack Johnson and Donovan Frankenreiter as well as the acoustic songs of Dave Matthews."

“SJ’s guitar work is exemplary, intricate as required but never gratuitously so, more concerned with nuance and texture than dazzling displays of dexterity, though he’s technically flawless... His voice is mellow with just a hint of an earthy rasp, as comfortable and honest as a favorite pair of jeans... The end result is quite simply wonderful, music that’s genuinely uplifting and inspiring without any hint of calculation or contrivance. Perfect for lazy days and starlit nights, the aural equivalent of the sweet kiss of a fragrant breeze.”

“I came across an artist that falls into the chill acoustic folk genre that really impressed me. The south Florida-based singer-songwriter goes by SJ and he's got a nice smooth singing voice and he writes some pretty nice tunes. His song "That Is All" is a great song about living in these troubled times and just taking things as they are and enjoying yourself.”

"SJ's Coffee is the perfect pick-me-up...it picks you up and gives you the perfect fuel to start your day, or to relaxingly wind it down...Every track on this release is a treasure...Coffee delivers the perfect combination of relaxation and stimulation that could put Starbucks out of business...and SJ is one of those special acts whose live performance equals or exceeds his studio work."

"Miami Beach, Florida singer/songwriter SJ is relatively unknown, but has already earned comparisons to artists such as Jack Johnson, John Mayer and James Blunt. SJ's first single, "I Like You" displays a deft touch for melody, lyrics and an inherent pop sensibility that's like to have major record labels calling at his door. It's an innocent love song that lacks the narcissistic pretense of many pop ballads currently on the radio. Delivered in an acoustic arrangement, "I Like You" is the sort of song that can catapult an artist from unknown to world renowned overnight."

"Now when I wake up in the morning I have two doses of coffee. The liquid kind that stains your teeth, and the audio one that cleanses your soul. My day couldn’t get any brighter. Coffee is a collection of songs that illustrates the beauty in all of us. Songs like “I Like You,” “Let Me Be,” and “Fresh Soul” capitalize on the chill vibe that makes this newcomer a moral imperative to listen to."

"WOW! I'm blown away! One listen is just NOT ENOUGH! I want more. Great commercial and pop appeal. "I Like You" is fantastic for a soundtrack or radio use. A joyful love song, full of attitude without the sap. SJ's vocals are fresh. He owns the track. This artist has captured the magic. And the guitars...what can I say...my toes keep a tap pin'. Keep an eye on SJ!"

Mitch Goldfarb, Grammy nominated producer - Industry Review

"SJ's "I Am" is a wonderful song. It captures so many moods and concepts that we've all experienced at least once in our life. The performance is masterful!! The vocals sound perfect for the lyric and musical content. I know you will wrap this piece of art around your heart, mind and soul!! Bravo SJ !!!"

Joe Vitale (Drummer & Keyboard, The Eagles and Crosby, Stills & Nash) - Industry Review

"If you’ve been following PensEyeView through our nearly 1,000 features, you have probably heard me say that Sirius Satellite Radio, helps us find more artists than any other media outlet. One channel especially is the Coffee House Channel, which is where I found today’s artist; the Miami based singer songwriter, SJ, while listening to one of my favorite new songs of the year, "I Like You". When I got home, I immediately downloaded “I Like You” and have since collected the rest of “Coffee”, then was flipping out when I heard we will be featuring this incredible artist."

"Coffee kicks off with single "I Like You", and it's the best selling point for SJ, relaxed and oh-so-enjoyable - forgive the pun, but it's hard not to like "I Like You". SJ isn't going to wow hipsters with Coffee, and they'll probably still roll their eyes when their mom plays it while making dinner on their visit home (to ask for money). But if they, if anyone, stopped paying attention to labels and just listened, they'd like Coffee."

"This guy can sing. SJ has a soulful flare to his latest EP, Coffee, that will make you want to learn how to sing and play guitar. If you like artists like John Mayer and Jason Mraz, you'll like SJ. Overall, SJ is one of the reasons we should support great unsigned artists. His sound is flat out cool and his voice lends itself to greatness. With the right marketing and tour schedule, this guy could sell 50,000 copies of this project independently. He's that good!"