“Fuzing deep, introspective lyrics with loud, clear, alternative rock sounds, SGS has a lot to say and they want you to listen.”

Jen Roberson - Edge Monthly Magazine

“Sixgun stole the show with a melodic voice and their wicked riffs...They were extremely kind, taking photos, and signing CDs. That is what sells a band for me.”

Joshua Harris - Plainsman Press

“Sixgun Serenade Wins Battle of the Bands [VIDEO] By: rooster This last Friday J And B Productions hosted another battle of the bands in Jake’s Backroom. Sixgun Serenade took home the prize of being able to open up for Mychildren Mybride on December 2nd in the Backroom of Jake’s. I was very impressed on how very tight the band was. When it comes to playing metal its all about having fun. And the guys definitely looked like they were having fun. You can have another chance of checking out Sixgun Serenade as they play with Lubbock favorites Colossus Of Rhodes this Friday at Jakes.”

“With the Flashing lights, evocative screams, aggressive drums, roaring bass, melodic harmonies, and mind tripping guitar the energy rides heavy for Sixgun Serenade. SGS, conceived in Amarillo TX, is a passionate five piece post hardcore/metalcore band embraced by Cody Roye- vocals, Justin Werner- guitar, Stephen Loftin- guitar, Aric Brooks- bass and Justin Hendrix- drums. SGS is driven by passion, goals, and new ideas. “Our local scene is diminishing, we want people to know that there is a breath of fresh air out there.” Said, Loftin. SGS plans to bring new creations to not just their regional scene but all over.”