Sioux City Pete and the Beggars / Press

“ Howling, punk-fried death blooze from deepest, darkest Iowa. (8 out of 10)”

Classic Rock

“The nastiest, low-downest, shoot-the-hostages slab of dirty, howling death blues Ive ever heard, and brother, I grew up in a bad neighborhood..Necro Blues is an awesome display of shameless death tripping. ”

“A warped, twisted, uncompromising visitation of vile, sludgy maverick mojo-thunder blues that'll be sure to malinger in the space it'll cleave in your oh so susceptible soul. ”

"These drifters from Iowa hammer down an awful, abrasive, scarifying, rumbling, crude garage-industrial blues racket that’s so hellishly loud, it buries most traces of its ostensible Charley Patton/Robert Johnson/Howlin’ Wolf/Cramps/Gun Club influences in a junkyard racket"

Falling James - LA Weekly