Singer/Songwriter/Pianist Rachel Efron / Press

"It doesn't take long -- about three notes will do it -- before Rachel Efron hooks you by the heart."

David Weigand - San Francisco Chronicle

“Utterly laid-back piano pop that sucks the tension right out of the room. Efron makes it sound easy but there’s a reason so few artists get it right.”

“Maine expat Rachel Efron combines a light, gentle touch on the piano with the eye and the voice of a poet to make some of the loveliest music one has heard—soft, intimate, ethereal, and strikingly genuine.”

“Efron has released an uncommonly lush, mature debut.”

“Efron’s lyrics were poignant in their quiet force... While there is definitely a feeling of change, transition and perhaps some hardships overcome, “Say Goodbye” does not feel like an emo songfest. It is lighter in tone and owns a haunting sweetness that makes this debut tender and worth heari”

J. Fitzpatrick - The Music Scene

“Bay Area pianist and singer/songwriter Rachel Efron has a brand-new CD titled, “Say Goodbye.” She’s a budding presence on the Bay Area music scene, and I’m sure you’re going to be hearing a lot more from her.”

“Rachel Efron made sure the bases were loaded before finally coming up to the plate. The Oakland-based vocalist-pianist’s debut CD “Say Goodbye” features an impressive cast of players, including drummer Scott Amendola (Madeleine Peyroux) and accordionist Julie Wolf (Ani DiFranco).”