SimpleXity / Press

“I can’t think of anything at all that I don’t like about these songs. They obviously have talent and know how to write good songs. I’d like to hear more music from these guys and more rock/metal music from Egypt in general.”

“Admittedly, not every band has to be Propaghandi and not every rapper has to be Immortal Technique; SimpleXity is not at all forward with it. Still, the band doesn’t shy away from the obvious sociopolitical changes Egypt has undergone and the implications it has on artistic expression in the post-Mubarak regime and the greater Arab Spring.”

"The music at times can be quite brooding with a slight nod towards the melancholic and the melodies are ever present. Soaring guitar work, textural keys and effects and lots of tempo changes are what you can look forward to."

“Their music is packed with smart compositions, excellent musical performance and plenty of that “superiority” one expects from a progressive rock band.”

“As the band's name, a portmanteau of Simplicity and Complexity, suggests, the music is a delicate balance between simpler sections, with more emphasis on emotion and feeling, and the complex sections, with more emphasis on virtuosity and various "complex" musical forms.”

“ SimpleXity have created a progressive rock concept album that is highly listenable and accessible - something which is rare in the genre. Mixing great musicianship with flowing tempo changes, the guys have produced a work of which they, and the region, can be proud of. Clearly a lot of work has gone into this one.”

“Drawing influences from hard rock to classical to jazz to death metal, SimpleXity combines intimate understanding of dissonance and consonance with complex composition.”

“The grasp these musicians have of their craft is most evident here. “Black Hole” delivers the musical journey essential to all good prog-rock. Intricate time signatures, diverse musical styles, crescendos and rousing vocal harmonies succeed in evoking the pull of the subject matter. This song is jam-packed with intriguing twists and turns, each repeat listen unveiling a new musical discovery delivered with perfect poise. Look forward to hearing more from this band on the “event horizon”!”