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Micaela Battista, alias SILVERSNAKE MICHELLE, was born in Turin in 1975.

In 1993 she started studying acting at Teatro Nuovo in Turin with Renato Liprandi and carried on her studies at Tangram Teatro, following the teachings of Ivana Ferri and Bruno Maria Ferraro.

She performed in a number of theater shows, interpreting a range of both dramatic (e.g. Lady Macbeth ) and comedic (e.g. Puck the fairy) roles.

In the meantime she graduated from law school and passed the lawyer professional examination.

Since 2010 she took part in a choral studies program as a soprano, with Civici Cori of Milan.
Since 2012 she has been studying modern singing with Dino Brentali, following the SLS (Speech Level Singing) method, by Seth Riggs.

She followed lessons of ethnomusicology in Milan.

She passed the examination of music theory at the University of musicology.

In 2013 she undertook a personal musical research path. Since then she has been composing and interpreting her own songs, under the name of SilverSnake Michelle. Her stage name is a symbol of rebirth and wisdom, and it represents life itself.

She met Dario Arena (guitar) and Daniele Marchetti (keyboard and guitar) and they help her to arrange songs.

She writes voice melody and text, and gives indications of the type of arrangement.

SSM loves contamination between various cultures and she is very attracted to Indian music and Celtic Music.
She loves everything that comes out from rules of tonal system; in fact if you ask SSM how many notes there are, she says: "from 13 up ...."

The songs have melody and arrangement that resembles the 80's rock and Celtic and Gothic taste in many parts.

The songs are rock; she chooses this kind of music because it’s instinctive and impressive and it frees the emotions and the true essence of the soul.
In 2014 she released her first album "So in my mind." A concept album composed of nine tracks.
She performed in various clubs in Milan, electric and acoustic way.
In October 2014, she was selected to participate in a television program in the United States (Cape Cod): LIVE FROM CENTER STAGE.
In February 2016 she published her new concept album "Her Snakeness"
Since April 2015 she began to collaborate with the magazine Micsugliando (http://www.micsugliando.it/) and she has a columnist's entitled UNDER MY PENCIL (the title of one of her songs) where she tells herself and her music.

Silversnake Michelle

Micaela Battista, in arte SILVERSNAKE MICHELLE, nasce a Torino nel 1975. Inizia a studiare recitazione nel 1993 presso il Teatro Nuovo di Torino con Renato Liprandi e prosegue gli studi presso il Tangram Teatro sotto la guida di Ivana Ferri e Bruno Maria Ferraro. Partecipa a numerosi spettacoli teatrali, interpretando ruoli sia drammatici (Es:Lady Macbeth) sia brillanti (Es:Puck il Folletto); partecipa a diversi cortometraggi tra cui “Risveglio” girato nel 2000 e diretto da Chiara Moraglio e Simone Montanari. Nel frattempo si laurea in giurisprudenza, e consegue l’abilitazione alla professione di avvocato. Nel 2011 segue la formazione corale , come voce soprano, presso i Civici cori di Milano. Dal 2012 studia canto moderno sotto la guida del maestro Dino Brentali che segue il metodo SLS (Speech Level Singing di Seth Riggs) Dal 2013 inizia un personale percorso di ricerca musicale legata ad un cammino personale, creando brani di cui è interprete e autrice con il nome d’arte SilverSnake Michelle.
Silversnake Michelle

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