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“On The Forest for the Trees, Silverhawk paints a natural blend of indie pop with a twist of attitude. The album opens with “Woman in a Cloak,” and immediately the air is filled with soothing guitars, a propulsive rhythm section and a voice guided by angels. Gradually, the guitars grow into a harder sound. The rest of the release is just as laid back/animated, but like I mentioned the twists and turns are what make it so interesting. This is not a paint by numbers album, that’s for sure. At times, when the darker tones are fleshed out, the sinister ambiance of the music is brought to the forefront. The energy it packs is remarkable. The tension and release that this album contains is like a rubber band being drawn back- by the end of the song the tension is released slowly but the pacing is spot-on. ..if you’re hangin’ out with a few friends you can play for them one of the best new albums of the year. ”

“For this folk-based band, music is a jolt of expression...The Forest for the Trees, Silverhawk address American borders with assaults on folk rock that are both sincere and earnest. The stories on Forest for the Trees certainly convey a rich American drive with methods and nods to religion, crime and money embellished in a flow of Americana roots. While surely there exists a common thread between any musician that cares about his craft, there is nothing wrong with drawing similar comparisons, let alone similar sounds to some of the best tones in the world. The music on Forest for the Trees is a mulling affair and while the highs never reach more than their modest bars, the blend of honest songwriting is an impressive success. While folk and Americana and any other bred of reminiscent ilk starts to ramble together, the music on the pedestal is all that matters. Silverhawk embrace their influences and spirits with theories that mash their diverse palette with an uncanny ear for melody. ”

“Silverhawk, after eleven years and hundreds of shows is releasing their third album The Forest For the Trees on Thursday, December 1 at the Spare Room, 9pm, $5. The Spare Room is a venue that everyone should go to at least once. It used to be a bowling alley and has a charm all its own. It helps keep Portland weird, but then so does Silverhawk. The brothers Densmore, Sam and John C., along with Coby Bixby and Anthony Cotham make up this band which calls itself Psychedelic Rock band. Along the way, they’ve opened for Frank Black, Screaming Trees, Mike Watt, and the Posies. They’ve also been employed as studio musicians/songwriters on various productions including projects with Ted Connelly, Bobby Lindstrom, Jeremy Wilson, the Who’s orchestral arranger Raphael Rudd, and the son of Mickey Most and former Johnny Hates Jazz producer/songwriter Calvin Hayes. ”

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"Great f**ing record....Listened to it again this morning on my drive in. I detect some Paul McCartney, David Bowie and The Beatles, all without sounding like your trying to be one of those influences. Original with enough root in the past to make it total ear candy! I'm a sucker for this type of sound." Todd Crosby, Cravedog

Todd crosby - Cravedog