Sidewalk Dave / Press

“The amount of inward outward explosion of emotion on this LP is exhausting.”

“Top Album of 2012 - #9 - 'Dave channels the aggressive, sexual energy of garage rock through a philosopher’s lens, demanding physical fulfillment in one moment and questioning the morality of his sexual pursuits the next.'”

“From any perspective — lyrical, musical, or conceptual — Hard On Romance is unapologetically and unassumingly fantastic... 8 out of 10”

“[Sinister Things] is propelled by a hazy chugging guitar line and colored by David Van Witt’s deep dark thoughts.”

“Can't Be Your Friend... easily one of the best releases of 2011. "Sinister Things" is one of the best songs of the year hands down.”

“Sidewalk Dave was one of the more instrumentally and lyrically poignant bands I have seen so far. As soon as they jumped onstage, their energy had immediately taken over, and it didn’t take long for the crowd to start dancing, some mouthing each song word for word. Dave belted out lyrics like a madman, narrative lyrics that were blunt, “I’m an artist / that makes me a bastard,” and in an odd sense, uniquely American.”

“New Haven's favorite alt-rock barn burners, Sidewalk Dave.”

“These four rollicking power-pop songs (of "Can't Be Your Friend") are among the most accomplished that [Sidewalk Dave] has written so far.”

“Brutal honesty has been a trademark of Sidewalk Dave...”

“Our favorite CT band is Sidewalk Dave.”

“Consider this The Beatles, on whiskey instead of acid or pot.”

“One of Awaiting The Flood's favorite bands.”

“What he's saying is worth the attention.”

“Sidewalk Dave succeeds, and we’re all the better for it.”

“Sidewalk Dave do the whiskey-soaked folk rock thing so well, you’d think they hail from some grimy blues bar in Kentucky. They’re from New Haven, and we love them. They had a hell of a 2010 with the release of the acclaimed "Gold Liquid Mischief"”

“They've descended deep into the gutter, rolled around for a bit, screwed their courage to the post, and ascended with a very mature and enthralling album...[Sidewalk Dave] are true artists”

“Our favorite band in the world at any point in history [is] Sidewalk Dave...”

“We'll never miss an excuse to advise you to check out our favorite CT band; Sidewalk Dave.”

“Seven months in the studio in total, Sidewalk Dave’s new album boasts everything from celebratory songs (“Weird Word for Strange”) to cautionary tales (title track) and even sobriety-championing anthems (“750ml of Spirit”).”

"Fast on the heels of last year’s Songs for Cowards, Gold Liquid Mischief is a solid step forward for the band... folk rock debauchery."

“Over the past few years, approximately one zillion young musicians have put their own spin on a fusion of contemporary indie rock and American roots music. It's quite a trick to stand out from that pack. Sidewalk Dave does”

“We here at the Register chose [Sidewalk Dave]'s 2009 EP “Songs for Cowards” as one of the 10 best local releases of last year.”

“There are plenty of drinking songs in the world already, but as long as the new additions are as well-crafted as these, there will always be room for more.”

“[Songs for Cowards] evokes a mood of landlocked pirates belting out concrete sea shanties on dusty street corners, cobbling together new anthems for the fearful and dispossessed wishing to break out of their self-constructed prisons.”

“Sidewalk Dave ripped into 'Godless Universe' as if articulating a ballad eating at the hearts of everyone in the room. [He] rallied the band, yelling "come on, boys!" and rotated on heel to face them during a period of fiendish hook.”

“[Sidewalk Dave] has been making what they call “aggressive folk” since 2007. We here at the Register chose the group’s 2009 EP “Songs for Cowards” as one of the 10 best local releases of last year. We did that for a reason: Because it’s a damn fine record filled with shambling blues-based folk that sounds perfect for the stage of a dusty, booze-soaked Southern bar. Of course, there’s lots of intelligence inherent in the music, which is another reason we just love the EP.”

“...an archive of anthems championing the rowdy, the rugged and the raw.”

“Quite an interesting little band.”

“From the path of Sidewalk Dave’s style of dirty Americana/folk ballad, strays a commentary on the vulnerability of cowardice.”

“I don't usually go to folk shows but with Hoots and Hellmouth and Sidewalk Dave this show seems like one of the more solid lineups in the area.”

“...rough-hewn garage-country or folk-rock backdrop. Van Witt ruminates on death, courage, poverty or God...”

"Songs For Cowards rolls the film in the mind's eye to project scenes of unfettered traveling, frail wallets... howling a nostalgic lament over a broken down organ. Unabashedly proclaiming your lot in life to whoever's around to hear, even if it makes you a bastard."

“The New Haven-area band's album Songs for Cowards was one of our favorite local releases of 2009 and holds its own amongst the work of their nationwide peers.”

“Sidewalk Dave does not ask for pity with these songs; theirs is a call to action: face your fears. You get so caught up in the emotional content throughout Songs for Cowards that by the end you don’t feel pummeled by the message, so much as surrounded and absorbed by it... A brave effort, for sure”

“Guitars and organs snake their way through the mix. Van Witt's husky voice grows increasingly ragged. Then the songs open up with layers of vocal harmonies or fuzzed-out and squalling, soaring guitar leads. Then it ends.”

“... an inimitable collection of some of the best garage rock songs 2012 has had to offer. From any perspective — lyrical, musical, or conceptual — Hard On Romance is unapologetically and unassumingly fantastic.”

“a canvas of sounds that draw from such varied artists as The Stooges, Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, Sonic Youth, Weezer and even moments of Pink Floyd just to name a few.”

“It seems [Sidewalk] Dave is just playing his part in a vicious cycle of bastardization.”

“Hard on Romance has got more of what could be described as an alternative '90s feel.”

“hooky structures that sounded like a songwriting debate between Evan Dando and Jeff Tweedy.”

"Can’t Be Your Friend” is one of the best musical rejections of the let’s stay friends lines I ever heard.