The Shy Guys / Press

" . . . We were so happy to have The Shy Guys come out and play for us for the event. Jackie was right on with this recommendation. I listened to their demo tracks on their website and was just blown away by how polished they are, especially at such a young age. I was even more impressed that they sound just as great live! To have the poise and presence to play a solid set in a crowded venue is challenging for a lot of bands and The Shy Guys just rocked it. They seemed to have a great time, they sounded amazing and the crowd loved them. This is a group to keep an eye on for sure!"

Jessie Brown - Organizer - UNC Children's Hospital fundraiser-Cow Parade at Golden Belt Arts Durham

"The closing quartet(The Shy Guys)...brought a surprisingly complex feel of sophistication to a concert that had previously been rock-centric."

“Burgard said that his band also interacts well with crowds because all four members are distinct characters. “We all have a different type of energy that we bring, and that helps our music reflect our friendship,” he said. “Opposites attract – me and [Lantay] bring the rhythm, [Neagle] brings the ‘smooth,’ and Gavin brings a quieter type of focus on his guitar solos – they kind of hit you out of nowhere, but it’s a good surprise.””