Shyan Selah / Press

"When asked to submit hip-hop songs to be considered for Camp X-Ray, Shyan was the 'go-to' in our catalog and it fit right in..."

“Shyan's understanding of the impact of social media on brands and business-consumer relationships is amazing. He is a musician, but his level of thinking is much more advanced in terms of understanding how social media is changing the world." - Gilad Salamander”

“For the last few months Shyan Selah's voice has been featured as part of the MasterCard Selections Channel on American Airlines. Selah was chosen as part of an elite group of wide ranging music artists from Jordin Sparks to Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top to talk about his current project and tour, Café Noir...”

“One of the most important things for us all to understand is that social impact is not relegated to one particular sector or job. If you’re interested in bettering the world, you can absolutely find a way to do it. Seattle-based musician Shyan Selah is an inspiring example. Rather than use his passion for music to pursue fame, he chose a different path: Through his Café Noir project, he is leveraging music to bring communities together and offer hope and healing to those who are struggling.”

“Shyan Selah is interviewed by Music Industry Vet and INDIEPOWER CEO Jay Warsinske about the continuation of The Cafe Noir Tour, his musical influences, and the overall state of the music industry on Indiepower Radio.”

““A lot of people just think they can go buy a guitar and it just happens,” Selah said. “But you have to have a respect and a good understanding of the industry, and then you have to have qualified people who know what they're doing – the lawyers, the agents and the managers. I can't say enough how critical that is. Then you have to have a great talent and a great drive to see it through."”

““Shyan Selah epitomizes what IES is all about”, states IES Founder / CEO Jay Warsinske. “He is building an entertainment empire, utilizing independent & non-traditional means, with a bold entrepreneurial style for the future!””

“The soulfully progressive performing and recording artist Shyan Selah concludes his exclusive Cafe Noir Tour in Los Angeles with a National Anthem performance at University of Southern California's Dedeaux Field on Saturday, May 23, 2015.”

“Musical artist, Shyan Selah will be returning to the Los Angeles area launching a unique community outreach tour via Starbucks the week of November 19. This is an unprecedented and unique experience that he and his company, Brave New World (BNW) Global has created and the coffee juggernaut has supported by offering the store locations for him to perform and meet with customers.”

“As a great year in music ends, we take a look back at some of the artists who broke through and made it big in the industry. Ones like Frank Ocean, Carly Rae Jepsen and Kendrick Lamar come to mind in terms of how truly big they made it in such a short period of time. For the 2013 calendar year coming up, the one artist that should be like those three and then some is BNW Global recording artist Shyan Selah. A self-described "Rock vocalist with hip-hop roots", Shyan defies what it is to be the norm in today's music world. On top of being a phenomenal musician and vocalist, he has spent quite a good amount of time giving back to several different charities and organizations…”

“Shyan Selah and his band, the Republic of Sound, have become known for a more eclectic sound that incorporates elements of rock, pop and R&B. His next local performances are at Seattle Hempfest, at 1 p.m. Aug. 18, and at 8 p.m. Aug. 31 at Tacoma's Jazzbones. Those will be followed by a national Starbucks tour, and we hear something about him going Hollywood after that. Could this be the year he breaks through nationally?”

“With his unique approach to life, Shyan Selah is a man who lives in a constant state of abundance and opportunity. Mastering the art of music and entertainment, as well as diverse and multiple forms of business, this music artist, CEO and activist has made quality, exclusiveness, distinction, purpose and philanthropy as integral pieces to each and every project, product, and event that bears his name in the marketplace. As a hip hop artist and vocalist who left a promising football career to pursue music in Hollywood, he soaked up everything he could about the entertainment business and subsequently created his own… ”

“International recording artist Shyan Selah has been chosen to write and perform a song for the "Bronx Bull" Soundtrack. This marks the second time Selah has been chosen by the film's director, Martin Guigui, to lend his talent to a film project. Selah also wrote and performed the theme song to 2011's "Born to Ride," which starred Casper Van Dien and was helmed by Guigui.”

““Selah... belted out rap, soul and rock tones, often in the same song. His rap smashed into all four walls followed by faint soul stirrings from his heart. Behind him, the talented Republic brought it - infusing funk, jam rock, and R&B into a musical porridge that mesmerized.””