Shiong On Jay / Press

“Goin' Blu: " the guitar solo sounds like something I would play weeping from my soul... " -JLee Mayer”

"WOLF|Dance1.1" -- matched with the right choreography, this would result in an amazing video. i can envision it both as a modern dance piece, and a 19th century hoop-gowned formal dance. also a modern ballet, come to think of it. like all your work, gloriously multi-faceted.

Jonathan Locke - Facebook

“'Save Me a Square' is something out of this world! Im shokedly impressed and inspired!!! GREAT!!!”

“'Save Me A Square of Sky | Intro' very powerful - i like the driving pulse with the ethereal undercurrent. very nice cover artwork also.”

“check out the amazing music of my friend shiong on jay; you'll find his playlist at reverbnation.com - amazing, beautiful, evocative music - if you're looking for a haunting, deep, meditative experience, here's your destination.”

Jonathan Locke, Entertainment Columnist

“Simple but good.”

Milk Yang

“Thanks to be my friend, I heard your music : very nice ! nice and fragil voice, i like your voice... I wich you good continuation Your new friend ”


“很開心認識你和你的音樂,正在聽Silent Night ,喜歡極:)”

Tidia Lin

“It sounds very pure and full of soul.It remind of some moments of my life.Thanks for sharing~Music is so beautiful ~”

江心靜 Pinky



" Wolf" gave me the music feeling of "Phoenix Tail Under the Moon Light" Your music world is fascinating.

David Huang

"聽起來遙遠而沉穩~ 有流浪天涯的一種孤寂... 好奇是什麼樂器呢? ^_^ 好聽喔!!"


“Hi, I just listened to "Something." That is a great song! It really brings up vivid images in my imagination.”

John Revitte

“WOLF:Shiongonjay, What a relaxing sound I love it ... Your fan Roget”


“很美很動人的旋律,你的嗓音讓我想起了張洪量..雖是小曲兒但很大器 (瓶花 song of vase flowers)”

Claire Hsu 許嘉琳

“I really like the singing version of "Song of Vase Flowers", its a mystic beauty.”

Kuna Nykjær