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“...Whatever the case, Zadorozny's uplifting melodies (I don't think there's one song in a minor key) along with Gaetani's lo-fi orchestral arrangements are indeed refreshing. Dig the jazz chords and breezy melodies of "One More Day" - an AOR man should get this gem to Tony Bennett or Tom Jones before it's too late! The brisk tempo of "Someday Suddenly" is abetted by Gaetani's clever use of over-driven guitars deceptively submerged in the mix combined with a series of cool upper register bass motifs. "All For Love" is a spacey dirge wrapped in reverb-laden arpeggios, sleepy vocal harmonies, spooky keyboard textures and instrumental interludes worthy of Meddle-era Pink Floyd (who were the original indie rockers back in the day). Everything indie old is new again. Highly recommended for fans of the above mentioned references and newbies who want to know what all the fuss was about before the decline of modern rock.”

“Welcome to a song that doesn’t sound like a lot that you’ve probably been listening to lately, unless you have had an unaccountable hankering for your old Bob Welch records. (Nah, I didn’t think so.)...”