shellshag / Press

"I picked up a copy of the record and I've been flipping it back over to side 1 and starting it again every time it ends. This shit RULES."

"Shellshag showcases a gift for hooks, even if they’re as tossed off as the “blah blah blah”s of “Get Right.” If you’re looking for Ramones-indebted dirges of the haziest degree, Rumors is the place to be."

"Shellshag has softened its edges and honed in on its pop songwriting sensibilities with Rumors in Disguise."

"Shellshag does a great job of projecting scruffy recklessness; check out tunes like “Shut Up” and you’ll see what we mean in a hurry."

"sugary pop-punk tunes spit out on ramshackle equipment, sparkplug energy."

"ShellShag sound like they were buried in a time capsule under the Washington Monument in 1994 and upon their subsequent recent release via archeological excavation delivered an album of perfectly aged pleasures."

"Shellshag is like, an old school wet dream. It feels so good. Like the good kind of nostalgia. Like you’re remembering your youth, but in a visceral way. In a way that inspires action."

".. three key ingredients that make the music of Shellshag so darn appealing: stripped-down song structures, startlingly catchy hooks and a vibrant feeling of raw spontaneity, all wrapped in lo-fi sonics and laid upside your head..Rumors in Disguise kicks ass."

"Shellshag's Rumors in Diguise is out of step with trends. It's not at all fashionable. It's weird. It's noisy. It's an affront to the order of placid sophistication that's been forced upon the indie world. Those are all reasons it's wonderful".

“Shellshag's press already beats us to the "Yeah, yeah, White Stripes, Jucifer, blah blah blah" aspect. But that doesn't really harness the band's destructive live presence, their feedbacky fuzzgazer hooks, and the friendly energy that has surrounded them for years.”

"Shellshag's Rumors in Disguise is a truly brilliant record".

"Shellshag's Rumors in Disguise is catchy enough for top 40 or fucking MTV, but if they ever played it on television, heads might explode".

“Shellshag is what would happen if the Who, Phillip Roebuck, and MacGyver were trapped together after a horrible plane crash, resorted to cannibalism, and only two survived. It'd be messy, and ugly to watch, but fun to listen to, and entertaining as hell-just like Shellshag. ”

Matt Driscoll - Portland Mercury

“Shellshag started their set with a chant of "Fuck society!" and ended with a cover of Liz Phair's "Fuck and Run". ”

-Amy Phillips - CMJ 2008

“amazing male/female, guitar/drums duo called Shellshag (like the White Stripes on steroids and crack)!”

Jersey Beat

“There are in fact enough bona-fide pop hits in this infectious collection (see “Kiss Me Harder” and “Gary’s Note”) that I’m convinced these two could afford to leisurely ramble in their own RV if they wrote for Kelly Clarkson. Finally… the ideal soundtrack for a punk prom.”

Johnathon Toubin - New York Night Train