Shayar / Press

“A veteran of the worldwide reggae music scene, Jamaican-born reggae artist Shayar now spends much of the year in Beckley, West Virginia. Because he has been a regular citizen of the Mountain State since the 1990s, he has become the authentic resident reggae artist here in West Virginia.”

“Shayar spent the fall of 2012 and almost all of 2013 in Europe where he collaborated with Børge Johansen in forming the group OnJaa. The band released an EP, "Righteous Path," and played the Horten Roots and Reggae Festival and venues in Oslo, Norway. He performed as a cast member in the play "The Legends" and, during the summer of 2013, toured with Admiral P and Nico D.”

“Jamaica-born Shayar shares his reggae sound at 6 p.m. With five albums and international tours to his credit, he promotes “Roots, rock, reggae with a universal message.””

“Fans of all types of music have something to look forward to, as the all-day acoustic music festival "Beckley Unplugged" is set to take place on Saturday, May 19th”

“Reggae show with Shayar set for Friday, Sept. 16 at Field House”

“Called “Dream-Fest 6: Jamaica Moon: A night of peace, love and unity,” the Friday, Sept. 16 concert will be at the Veterans Memorial Field House starring Jamaican native and Beckley resident, Shayar, who toured for 20 years with Burning Spear, as well Hampton, Va., resident and Jamaican native reggae artist EVER-G.”

““The words ‘One Love’ are so much deeper than they seem. It is about oneness, everyone being one, love for our people, and promoting a certain kind of cultural attitude,” Shayar said.”

“Shayar, a roots and reggae musician, will also offer a free musical performance at 2 p.m. Sunday.”

“A rare Roanoke appearance from former Burning Spear guitarist Leval "Shayar" Jarrett, who used to play here far more often. Details: 10 p.m. Awful Arthur's, Towers Shopping Center, Roanoke. $5. 777-0007, awfularthursseafood.com, myspace.com/shayar.”

“On Friday, April 16, Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OVEC), the internationally known, Huntington-based grassroots environmental group which has been fighting for clean water and air since 1987, is teaming up with Marshall University's branch of the Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) for the 18th annual Tree Huggers' Ball to get the Earth Day party started... (with) Jamaican-born, Beckley-based reggae artist Shayar.”

“Jamaican born Ras Shayar, now living in Beckley, closes out the evening with his Rasta mountain music. He's played with the likes of reggae monster bands Krooshal Force and Burning Spear.”

“For the record, Shayar, who toured internationally with Burning Spear for many years, grooves on everything from percussion and keyboards to guitar, harmonica and mandolin, making an excellent new batch of homegrown Mountain State reggae. ”

“A downtown Wheeling street will soon transform into a one-of-a-kind concert venue. The band that will kick off the concert series is Shayar and Krooshal Force, a reggae band from Jamaica.”

“The first Concert will feature Shayar and Krooshal Force. Check out their music at http://www.myspace.com/shayar”

“Born in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Shayar followed in his bass-playing father's footsteps in the music world. When not on tour, he focuses on his own music. In 1998 he moved to Beckley and formed the band Krooshal Force. The band's album, "Spiritual Warrior," was released in 2006. ”

“Shayar comes back to the Glass Saturday night. It’s confirmed; get your Red Stripe out and get ready to lively up the place with his reggae stylings. Seriously in these days leading up to what apparently is WWIII the world needs more reggae, not less. You know the number.”

“Get your island flavor a little closer to home when the Jamaican-born reggae and blues performer Shayar appears 7:30 p.m. Friday... He has played guitar with Burning Spear and toured with Anthony B, The Itals and other acts.”