Seven Year Existence / Press

“This is where its at through the eyes of the dead meets lamb of god next generation metal here dare we call it brutal metal its fucking amazing u guys are setting a new standard like the gods before u keep on rocking!!!”

AMFR!KMK4LIFE! - Reverb Nation


NHBA - Reverb Nation

"Musically their strength is in their choppy and unusual rhythm patterns that create for the crowd a breathless anticipation of what will come next"

“In 2nd place for Champaign, IL's MTV 2 ON THE RISE Competition”

“They take from old school hardcore metal and blend that with the newer crushing sound ala Lamb of God and seem to have found a perfect mix of demonic as all hell sounding heavy music that most veterans ten years older than them simply wish they could attain.”

“Seven Year Existence wholeheartedly work the crowd as if they were playing to a packed house of 100,000.”

Ria Weeks - Celestial Wreckage

“8.5 out of 10!”

“The five songs on the self-titled EP are for the most part fast, furious, and to the point.”

“This CD captures a lot of their in-your-face ball busting energy.”