Seth Adam / Press

“His “Steel Tempered Pride” is just that. Brutally honest (“These Pills”), cynically astute (“People Are Only Going To Break Your Heart”) and grateful (“Thank You, Chicago”), Seth Adam puts his feelings into rockin’ odes that you can boogie all night to without having to even listen to his well-defined words if you don’t want to.”

"Seth's voice is so warm and welcoming that you feel yourself getting lost in his stories as in 'Troubled Times' and 'New York City Bound.'"

"We may get a bunch of submissions, rarely are they as consistently good as yours. Like i said …we're fans."

Rick Allison - Cygnus Radio / LocalBandsShow

“For example, during 'Troubled Times,' Seth wowed the audience's ears with deep vocal emotions that brought out the sentimental realism found in the lyrics...”

"This 10-song full-length is beautifully written, played and produced. This level of craftsmanship and polish are not often heard on the local scene."

"This is the best "unsigned" group in America. All the songs on "Where You Come From" are potential radio hits, so catchy that once you've heard them it's hard to get them out of your head."

Roger Friedman - Showbiz 411

"I would, without a doubt, throw on a Seth Adam record before a John Mayer or Rob Thomas album. And it’s somewhat unfair to even mention those two when talking about Where You Come From, because Adam and his band rock a little harder than those comparisons..."

Patrick Ferrucci - New Haven Register

"Adam, formerly of the band Green Inside, has developed a quite a reputation in the area as one of the most talented songwriters in the New Haven area. Taking cues from artists like the Counting Crows, Tom Petty and Wilco, Adam combines a sharp pop aesthetic with deep rooted Americana."

Jeffery Petrin - PLAY Magazine

"Adam's appearance last night at The Bitter End in New York was a rock revelation. The Connecticut kid may be rock's next Matchbox Twenty, or more. Jason Flom, Charlie Walk, James Diener... I'll be looking for you in the crowd."

Roger Friedman - Showbiz 411