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“Self Tort win Exhumed After a big night at the Basement, the audience voted for Self Tort to be the band to walk away with the coveted golden vinyl for 2013. The bands gave it their all, performing to a packed crowd at one of Sydney's most iconic venues. It was a night full of fun and the atmosphere was great as the bands enjoyed their chance to shine. Congratulations to Kone of Silence, Christine Jane, Self Tort, Prime Mates and Okapi Guitar Band, they all did a wonderful job of entertaining the audience. Ultimately, Self Tort triumphed. Well done to Brian Ralston, Lilo Blyton, Graham Doust, Chris Stafford, and Ben Hewson. The folk rock two piece expanded to create a bigger sound for the final, adding more to their mostly original songs. Brian Ralston is a barrister who started performing as 'Self-Tort' after his covers band 'Mid Life Crisis' finished up. When he found Lilo Blyton, aka the Fiddle Cat, they hit it off musically and started to make great arrangements”

"Just having a listen to Brian Ralston's new CD...Well done all involved! Great tunes, great musicianship and so well recorded! Ross Ward (Wards Express)

Ross Ward (Wards Express) - Facebook

“Review Summary: Self Tort, otherwise known as Brian Ralston, has succeeded in combining genres such as rock, jazz, blues, and reggae into a pleasing package of 13 songs in the album titled Tortology. Diversity runs rampant in this collection and Self Tort creates a smooth blend of something that is unique to only one individual - Brian Ralston. This album will make you dance, sing, snap your fingers and tap your feet. Self Tort has created a sound that is original and refreshing and the album Tortology will be sure to make listeners of many different genres take heed.”

Rhonda Rheadance - CyberPR

“Shades of Dr John and Eric Clapton, with hints of a full gin soaked gravel sound of Joe Cocker and with lyrics that show an emotional life, lived to the max...you have it! Nina ”

“SelfTort is a mature, varied songwriter with a gift for verse. Anyone, anywhere can relate to detail of his native land and the universal appeal of his groove. Whether telling the truth of a mining disaster or rockin at midnight, he covers the ground impecably! Great disc!”