Seas & Centuries / Press

"Another gem found deep within the loins of our inbox. Seas & Centuries is a group from Reno, NV that has kind of a Phantom Planet vibe on the surface, but drives it in with a bit more rock. The guitars are quite good and the ambience of it all makes for a great listen."

“After hearing a song or two at Dave's insistence, I was actually excited to see them (Seas & Centuries) opening for Appleseed Cast. And they did not disappoint. Very tight, very enjoyably concise set. The highlight of their brief set was definitely 'Until December' — which is like War-era U2 meets 'Ceremony' by New Order. The band was giving away business cards at the show which had the URL for a free download of their initial three song EP. Upon getting home and properly digesting the material (all three songs they played last night), I have to say that it's definitely worth everyone's time. They were professional and respectful of the circumstances and, despite Alex's humility, I thought they sounded completely ace. I don't think I've ever been more excited about a homegrown act. ”

"There is an inherently organic quality to Seas & Centuries, both in their approach to songwriting and in their music, which builds and swells..." "Though the recent Knitting Factory gig was their first show, they hit the stage as though they’d been playing together for years. Every note, every song, every instrument meshed as though everything happened exactly the way they wanted."