Sayonara / Press

“Debbies’ voice sounded great and showed no sign of weakness. In fact, there was one song where she did some screaming, and her voice didn’t even crack. And I did touch on their performance earlier, but this was a real rock show they put on this night.”

“For one of my songs to come on the radio and within 5 seconds, you know exactly who it is. That's the ultimate goal I've set since I started writing music. ”

“...Sayonara falls under the genre of Alternative Avant Grade Post Punk but delivers much more than what that describes...”

“In my opinion, most groups led by a female often carry a soft tone with songs about breakups and heartache. So, when I ran across Sayonara, I was expecting the norm. But, I was swiftly drop kicked in the face because these guys seriously raised the bar to another level.”