“We chose "System Shutdown 2003" as winner song for this month's aerobics class at Vandele Park Senior Nursing facility!”

“I agree Black Lung, I gotta say you guys are very good at what you do, whip the pants off GG Allin, lol, you rock.”

"Rotting Corpse of Evil"...Smokin'! A Brilliant Instant Classic! Thrashing On The Front Range!

“ive started adding punk rock elements in to my black metal because of black lung. you guys just totally rewrote the book for me. it was almost like to listen to mayhem or repulsion for the first time.”

“Fuckit you got a shitload of energy! Good stuff. I know bands don't like to hear comparisons, but please take it as a compliment that you remind me of vintage DK, Exploited, and X. Good shit, best of luck toya.”

toya - Reverbnation

“Listened to Dead Punks. Sounds like Black Flag on speed. Great stuff. Dan/TheWorkers”

“Best band I've heard in this genre in a while. If early C.O.C. and The Accused had a baby, this band would beat the crap out of it. Good stuff. ”

“Black Lung offers something that most black metal /satan influenced bands have not offered before, and thats a blend of punk and hardcore to the freaking bone. Chilling with the bros, and causing havoc in the pit with a big chip on your shoulder. This band kills, and its Julian Vomits business to kill each and every one in the audience in the right way. I got that quote from Phil Anselmo haha but other then that the music flows well, very well paced, pulverizing, and never exhaustive, just a all balls out blood metal album filled with gore and guts enough to make GWAR piss in their pants...”

“hello black lung how are you i.m ok it,s hot here in tx can i please still have a autographed cd of you and your band please pretty please write me back your friend edward,”

Edward - Texas Die Hard Fan!

“Rock on with your dark sound from the abyss. Satanic Punk at its Metal guitar best. "And now for something completely different, with plenty of Heavy Metal goodness, BLACK LUNG are going to carry us across the river styx with their satanic punk rock sounds. \m/ Rock On \m/" - TPK”

The Pizza Kings - Rock/R & B/Soul/Funk/Blues/Jazz/Rockabilly & Country - http://www.reverbnation.com/thepizzakings

“Stopping by to show some love and listen to some serious punk rock! Normally, this genre of music is not my cup of tea, but I love these people so much that I've grown to really appreciate what they do! You guys rock with class! Stopping by to visit and listen to some of the sweetest, kindest people on RN..um..I mean the darkest..LOL! You guys are wonderful people”

Linda Marlowe - Pop / Acoustic Rock / Country Rock - http://www.reverbnation.com/lindamarlowe

“The Light of Lucifer should illuminate Satans Kill soon but I'll be under neath my bed by then ....... HIDING UP!!! Pin Pin is a Way Of Life Satanic Punk Rock Legends Black Lung ~ a strange coincidence? Raucous & noisy as f*%K ~ I'm sweating like a PIG digging my grave right now with you as the soundtrack!!! This is how things SHOULD BE ~ Andrew”

Andrew Austin - Jazz / Other / Electronica - http://www.reverbnation.com/ajadrewaustin

“I LOVE YOU Black Lung! You guys are the BEST Sounding Metal/Punk Band that I have EVER HEARD! I'm hot for you guys!!!”

Kat W. - Fan

“This is our LOVE/HATE relationship!! LOVE this SHIT & HATE I cant get enough of it MFs!! \m/ ALL HAIL SATANIC PUNK ROCK LEGENDS BLACK LUNG \m/”

BRIÄN MÜRDER™ - Rock / Gothic / Death Punk - http://www.reverbnation.com/brianmurder

“In a crowded genre, where you have to sound good, put on a show and keep the party going, you guys excel!!!”

The Legendary RT and Sredni - Blues / jazz blues /NY Blues - http://www.reverbnation.com/thelegendaryrtandsredni

“Loving your amazing and beautiful music!! I love your track "Dead Punks" You got some rocking voice too ^_^ keep the amazing and beautiful work up!! Much love! ”

Aria Arvan from Houston, TX - http://www.reverbnation.com/ariaarvan

“The Atomic Nation: Sweeeet! "Light Of Lucifer" is legendary. The shadow of your awesomeness puts a sinister smile upon our face. You have pegged the needle on our Atomic Awesomeness meter, my friends, and you make us crave the blood of posers. Awesome! T.A.N. Black Lung Responds back to this awesome Fan with Gratitude: We are thankful for real satanist like you! We're leaving you a tall cup of poser blood! \m/ Satanic Hails \m/”

T.A.N. - Fan! http://www.reverbnation.com/fan/theatomicnation

“Loving (Hating, if you prefer) your sacred dungeon more than ever. No place like it in the solar system, and inexplicably comforting. Enjoying "Sacred Hatred Pentagram," but "Light Of Lucifer" remains our staple. Keep hold of the flame, my evil friends, and may your fingers remain intact.”

Kev -Atomic Honey - http://www.reverbnation.com/atomichoney

“Hey I am totally a fan but I am over my limit! Facebook love for now and best wishes in serving the dark lord!”

Smoke32 - http://www.reverbnation.com/osmoke32