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“Remember when music was never too loud? Come out and feel it again! PORTLAND, LOUISVILLE, KY – (June 4, 2011) – Folks attending the Portland Annual Family Reunion and Festival at 33rd Street and Portland Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky at approximately 7:00 to 7:30 pm Saturday, June 4 will have a chance to let their ears ring and their faces smile as they enjoy Louisville's "Sane Anonymous" - featuring the best in all original music. No covers, nothing boring - just straight ahead Rock 'n' Roll. Sane Anonymous is scheduled to storm the stage at 7:00 to 7:30 pm. Times may vary due to earlier programming. Their set will feature the best in Louisville's original Rock 'n' Roll material. Come experience the group and be prepared afterward to tell your friends what they missed! These guys are totally committed to the delivery of straight ahead Louisville Rock 'n' Roll blasts! They're not rock star posers, they're just semi-ol' rockers that still love to perform. Come judge for your se”

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“The Verdict: The new band Sane Anonymous is damn good! The vocals are a cross between Accept's Udo Dirkschneider, Motorhead's Lemmy Kilminster and AC/DC's razor-voiced Bryan Johnson. The grooves are kinda bluesy, old-school metal with some catchy riffs! The guitarist rips! This self proclaimed "ugliest band in Louisville" kicks butt and I look forward to seeing them again. ”

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“New Band Alert: Sane Anonymous is a new four-piece metal band from Louisville that is into heavy Corrosion Of Conformity type music, but a little more melodic. You can see them open for Factor 9 at the Phoenix Hill on February 6. ”

Eddy Metal - Louisville Music News - News from the Pit

“Sane Anonymous Finishes CD: The band Sane Anonymous has finished their first CD, called Semi-Cide. Look for it at the bands upcoming shows. Fans of AC/DC, or old-time metal like Accept and Motorhead, will like Sane Anonymous, so check out this relatively unknown band, they are damn good. ”

Eddy Metal - Louisville Music News - News from the Pit