Sam Morrison Band / Press

“For those, like me, mourning the Pre-Ingram Hatchet, we can finally put away the black clothes and all the other CD's of the Southern Rock Wannabees....the SAM MORRISON BAND here takes on the banner of Danny Joe and it carries on.”

“earthy Southern rock from the pit...DJB has escaped from the grave? In "I Gotta Ride" may very well come to this absurd idea. Guys, Molly Hatchet but would only write such a song again!”

“Sam Morrison is a very respected character in the Southern Rock's world probably because he represents it loyally for years.....the hard side of the Southern Rock !”

“The guitar work is classic southern rock, dueling guitars with soaring melodies..Dig it or Don’t is a solid success, Sam Morrison catches the essence of several styles of music but at the same time retains his individualism with the help of his band mates and as a unit they play hard hitting music that you should dig, but your loss if you don’t. ”

“With an unapologetic style rooted in the sounds of Lynyrd Skynyrd and classic Allman Brothers Band, it isn't likely that the Sam Morrison Band will be getting airplay on KROQ any time soon. My guess is that the band couldn't care less.”

“This Americana, heart-in-the-South, raw guitar sound makes you want to go buy a Harley and ride.”

“a brand of music that has a natural biker appeal... heavy paths that go through the heart of Southern rock, spiced up with a double shot of West Coast rockin' blues. This is timeless stuff... this is good stuff... it's the kind of stuff that just never gets old.”