Run By The Gun / Press

“Nobody’s ever made their daily bread making music or comics without working that grindstone. You gotta put in your time and take your hard knocks and then maybe, just maybe, you can get sampled by Jay-Z. Am I right, Strouse & Charnin? Rey Miranda and artist Brian Hardison are so hardcore, they’ve taken on both art forms–rock and comics–for the audio-visual mayhem that is Run by the Gun. Not only can you read about the formation of a band in Run by the Gun (first issue’s free on Graphicly, by the by), you can also listen to their music (Miranda produces and Zambia Greene sings) on a full length album called The Misanthrope. They’ve got a classic rock feel here, with a working man’s angst that speaks of terrible things happenings on pool tables. According to Miranda, the plan is to produce new Run by the Gun albums and comic story lines in tandem, the progression and evolution of the music mirroring the characters’ journey through the books. It’s an interesting concept,”

“Arguably the best part of this ambitious project is that creators Rey Miranda and Zambia Greene are generating music to go along with the comic. Run By The Gun is also a fictional band producing real songs, apparently on a scale somewhere between NANA's Black Stones and Questionable Content's Deathmøle. So far, the first five tracks so far available have a loosely classic-rock feel, with sprinkles of contemporary and indie rock and, surprisingly, bluegrass. Though the songs are well put together, there's a definite sense that this is a band that hasn't found its voice yet. The plan is to have the music evolve as the characters evolve, mirroring the story through its soundtrack. I have to say, I'm looking forward to seeing that play out almost more than I'm looking forward to the continuation of the comic itself.”

"Run By The Gun absolutely shines, when it comes to interesting characters and flawless character development. The first issue does a wonderful job at introducing readers to each of the current main characters, who all ooze personality creating an early bond between readers and themselves. The conversations between characters seem so organic and naturally flowing that it is impossible to not imagine each of them as a real people, whose life you are watching unfold before you. With a very cinematic feel to it, due to its steady pace, and over all presentation, this book is truly a captivating read."