Rumble Club / Press

“6 out of 6 stars”

Rockabilly Magazine

“It's like a mini-version of an old pulp novel, telling tales of juvies, hot rods, gamblers and other cool outsiders and troublemakers.”

Mike Breen - Citybeat Entertainment Weekly

“Imagine Johnny Cash but darker in tone and sometimes darker in spirit!”

Richard Davis - Car Kulture Deluxe

“It is singer/guitarist Jack Coray's guitar work and magnetic vocals that are the most instantly grabbing. He plays guitar like a cross between Carl Perkins, Junior Brown and Dick Dale and he's vocally akin to Johnny Cash and Mike Ness, making for a devastating combination!”

Mike Breen - Citybeat Entertainment Weekly

“The Gambler's Regret is one of CityBeat´s picks for the best locally crafted CDs of the year!”

“Matured Songcraft seeking further afield. Western Ambiance and of course Jack Coray's unstoppable guitar and bottomless, Cashesque Vocals.”

DC Larson - Rockabilly Magazine

““Drive ‘Em On.” It’s a blasting, psychobilly-tinged Spaghetti Western-ish wailer that makes Ennio Morricone seem like he left his balls in his wife’s purse in comparison, and it absolutely rules.”

Ben Hunter - Askew Reviews

“Rumble Club is a bad ass Psychobilly-Rockabilly band from Kentucky.”

Blue Suede News Magazine