Regis Lima after being in several cover bands, started this project as a solo project in 2018 as "Regis Vox", but ended changing to a band format and the name became "VOXX".
Which "Vox" means, Voice, accent, expression, vocals in Latin. JUst one more "X" was added at the end of the name.
VOXX is a Hard Rock band, based out of Tampa Bay/FL, playing high energy music with catchy melodies, great guitar riffs and meaninful lyrics.
In 2021 was a great year for VOXX, they played at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival in Virginia, sharing the stage with the big names of rock, getting a lot of positive feedback and also got selected as one of the top 4 finalists for the Battle at The Bands organized by Hard Rock/Tampa and having Sully Erna of Godsmack as one of the judges, giiving VOXX some aweosme feedback, especially complementing Regis personally on his vocals!
The band is writing some new music and is planning to release new songs before the summer of 2022!