VOXX is a Hard Rock band, based out of Tampa Bay/FL, playing high energy music with catchy melodies, great guitar riffs and meaningful lyrics.
Regis Lima, started this project as a solo project in 2018 as "Regis Vox", then invited some friends to play as a band format and the name became "VOXX".
Which "Vox" means, Voice, accent, expression, vocals in Latin.
In 2021 was a great year for VOXX, they played at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival in Virginia, sharing the stage with the big names of rock, getting a lot of positive feedback.
VOXX released their first single of 2022 "Never Look Back" which it made #16 on the Billboard Top40 Mainstream Rock.
VOXX just finished playing the Central Florida Metal Festival in Orlando/FL and opened a show for No Resolve in Tampa/FL.