Promo pics Sept 2017 Ashton Edminster

Ashton’s first single ‘Break the Distance’ broke on iTunes Thanksgiving 2014. In the first 24 hours, she sold 1,000 downloads and charted at #9 on iTunes’ Singer Songwriter chart. Through April 2018, Ashton has nine original songs on iTunes with cumulative sales of over 25K downloads and over 5.7mil streams from over 159 countries. Through her first generation Twitter and Vine followers, “second and third generation” fans have pyramided into Ashton’s fan base. Her song Break The Distance has been adopted as the 'anthem' for Internet Friends and is used in over 2,000 YouTube videos.
Ashton Edminster is authentic and rivals performers many years her senior. Using her talents as a singer, songwriter, musician and actress, her performances always provide an entertaining whimsical experience. However, she is in fact a typical teenage girl with a magnetic personality and the ability to engage with her social media followers. Her fans refer to her as “inspirational” as they try their vocals at ‘Break the Distance’ for school talent shows or through their many versions on You Tube. Her social media strategies are successfully geared toward Y and Z generations, and are gaining momentum as she introduces each new campaign. Ashton’s first EP, "For My Darling' was released in Feb 2016 and has been well received. Her new sound with Break The Distance 2.0 went live on iTunes on 12/1/16 and Social was added May 2017.
What’s being said about Ashton?
“An hour with Ashton is 40 minutes of musical exploration and 20 minutes of pure gold!” Scott Byrne, Producer
Geoff Rockwell, Producer with Brightman Music said “Classy & Bold” after seeing Ashton perform.
Dan Strong, Producer/Publisher/CEO of Run Music says that Ashton’s songwriting is “advanced for her age” and called her “promising!”
Lee Leipsner with Columbia Records said “Good personality and has NO problem with (being on) stage!”
“We have helped the careers of many of the top artists today so I can verify that Ashton will be joining that group!” LInda Septien