Xakestar Album cover 3 Xakestar

Xakestar is a Persian rock band originally formed in Tehran/Iran, and some years active in Falun/Sweden. The band was formed in early 1999 by Mo Khojasteh (lead guitar, bass, synthesizers and lyrics), Hani Rajabi (lead vocals, keyboards, synthesizers, and electronics) and Behruz Bazargan (drums).

While still based in Tehran the band performed two very successful high level performances at the Farabi Hall: performances which hit the headlines in many musical and art communities in Tehran. It was after the second of these live performances that the legal restrictions in Iran made it impossible for the band to go on making music and performing their music the way that they wanted to.
At these concerts the band played both original material and cover versions of songs from a number of well-known bands such as Pink Floyd, Moonspell, Hypocrisy and Bathory, adding their particular taste for electronic music to the overall sound. After a few years, the drummer, Behruz, was fired by Mo due to technical issues and the band started to work with session drummers.
Do you think that the spirit of rock/metal has flown? Do you think that the great inspiration of the 90s' bands and what they stood for have been vanished, belittled, ignored, forgotten? Are you one of those people who believe the music industry has been shrewdly contriving and conspiring to drain away the non-conformist thoughts, rebellious worldview and interrogative nature of lyrics whose appearance and functions in the music market once were treated as a necessity? You may be right, the evidence shows that diversity is discouraged, in addition, innovation and creativity is looked down upon. However, numerous independent musicians have proved that the aforementioned values (which seem to be lost) can be revived again and can be turned to an element which can also enhance the influence and beautify the aesthetics. Xakestar aims to strengthen and restore those lost connections to the 90s' music. However, a blend of new accomplishments of contemporary music also adorns Xakestar's songs.
Xakestar's impressionistic and progressive approach towards gaining a unique sound can be observed in this set; however, the band tried to retain and concentrate on the well-established patterns and characteristic structures of rock/metal. Further, despite the fact that this set is the basis for Xakestar's first release, Xakestar did avoid going beyond the conventions of the genres in which they situated their sound. The bands that can describe Xakestar’s influences are Tiamat, Anathema, Moonspell, Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd, A Perfect Circle, Depeche Mode, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Rolling Stones, Roger Waters and etc. Xakestar’s music sometimes tend to include elements and factors that can be considered references to Celtic folklore, Scottish and Irish scales and melodies. Base guitar is mostly over-active with extensive movements, and it is marked by its tendency towards utilizing chromatic scales. All material are shaped and directed by various, constructive and ornamental support of keyboards, synths and piano since creating a gloomy and dark atmosphere, or melancholic context has been one crucial goal for Xakestar. The mentioned musical features are accompanied by lines of vocals which are multi-layered, dynamic, modal, rock-oriented and embellished with having an attitude of independence towards the basic keys and chords. Guitars vary in each piece and they range from creating an ambient context to thrash metal solos; however, guitars prefer to create more subtle and sophisticated riffs and scales. The lyrics contain modern elements and they are subjective while they benefit from certain literary styles such as Gothic Revival, Romanticism and etc. The lyrics are suggestive and they encourage various interpretations and on certain occasions there can be found traces of mythical or medieval references. Certain issues and philosophies can be detected in the lyrics such as left hand paths, nihilism, individualism, anarchism or tragic relationships, self-destruction, drugs, alienation and etc. Xakestar, benefiting from Longhair Productions’ management, has been a successful band among the metal bands in Sweden as they are ranked no. 1 in national metal charts for Sweden. Xakestar is signed with Liquid Tree Records and the negotiating concerning the release date is going on at this moment.

After some years of hard experimenting, forging their sound the way they want it and recording independently, Xakestar is now working on a new album due for release in the near future.