Roger Boggs / Press

“Has anyone told you, you sound like Bob Dylan? ---”

Nile Popchuck Production

“Roger! --- I really enjoyed the songs you did at the songwriters' circle yesterday. You're setting the bar high for us all : )”

Eric Ramsey - Glendale Folk Festival 2016

“Great work… Congrats!... So glad to follow you ..... Blessings and much success!”

Kike Goya -Vocalist in Lima, Peru - Fandalism

“Oh man! "SHAKE THE BLUES" Totally loved your voice and the harp and guitar on this great song. Loved the pauses just before each chorus ends. You are a songwriter's songwriter. Not only a great song but one hell of a great performance of it.”

Joe Vance -Songwriter/Composer in Philadelphia, - Fandalism

“Another good one! Way to go Roger, The Harp is a nice little add on to the tune. I'd like to see you do something with a Kazoo in place of the Harp, That would be on the funny side. I Like It!”

Oscar Ruben Cisneros Guitarist in Glendale, Arizona - Fandalism

“Loved "Mama's Off Her Meds"! Best wishes sent your way and thanks for your support.”

Gofer - Reverbnation

“I like your music alot, especially 'Gonna Be Okay'. Hit me up on email......”

Ethan www.khsx-radio.com

“Roger it's great to hear your music - You just don't know what some of your music give's to me my friend .. Thank You and keep up the good work . Sing on My Friend ..”

Arnold Lusk - Facebook - RogerBoggsMusic

“Roger, really enjoyed your song "Gonna Be Okay" and your video to "10 Miles North Of Nowhere". I love your harmonica playing, found your music relaxing and we have the same taste in Guitar's! -- You remind me of the great Dylan.”

Blue (songwriter) - Reverbnation

“One More Time, Love it Roger. I can hear the Bob Dylan influence and that can't be bad !! All the best from Rob ~”

Rob Royston - Reverbnation

“Truth is... I saw a pic of you and Grandma and asked my dad who you were and then I listened to some of your music and was blown away! I listened to it in the car on my way to Iowa City. I thought it was cool because I play some guitar. I really liked it. Keep it up!”

Jack Riley - Facebook

“I've listened to your music for a couple hours... I think Ive heard all your music some 3 or 4 times... You have a great voice.. I know your live performance is gotta be great, you really come across well.. Im a retired radio personality and have worked large markets... Im very impressed. And your a martial artist as well. Your spirit comes across very well sir.. Thanks for the”

Ike Crossman - Reverb

“Kansas City Ice Cream Boogie..... If Elvis was still around, He'd like this I bet. ~ Danny Gulledge”


“We are Always loving your music.. Your music takes me on a vacation. Great words, and dig your style.. Rog On brother.. ROG ON ``` Ike Crossman”

Ike Crossman - Reverbnation

“Mama's Off Her Med's Again - That's a HOOT! ~~ Darrell Elmer”

“I had pretty much listened to the same ole same ole music most of my life then I moved to Florida and JT Hopkins opened up a whole new world of music for me I spent days putting new music he had on cassettes Now I will listen to just about anything once and more if I like it No worries YOU are still my favorite...well after Neil Young `` Sandi Krzyzan”

Sandi Krzyzan - Facebook

“Thanks for letting me be a part of your world....”

Roger Boggs