Rod Tate / Press

“Rod clearly knows how to write romantic melodies and plays his instruments with a style that oozes peace and tranquility. Rod Tate has independently released numerous CD's as a solo artist, proving he has the necessary drive and inner strength, in addition to the business acumen to match his musical artistry. Giving 100 percent of his heart and soul to his fans and listeners, he touches lives positively through his musical expressions. This bodes well for him in the future. ”

"Tate has a smooth, nice tone & his playing makes him someone to keep an eye on."

"Smooth jazz that melts the butter on the uneaten corn."

"Tate's jazz is among the smoothest. Profoundly influenced by '70's Quiet Storm music & the seductive, throaty growl of Grover Washington Jr. He takes listeners on a journey into a world where all bed sheets are made of satin, and there is never a shortage of red wine."