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“ There is something familiar about this music. Flavors of early Genesis and Phil Collins; Crosby, Stills & Nash harmonies at times (“Prime Mover”), Barry Gibb and the Bee Gees, Loggins and Messina, and more, play across the selections. In this way, the music sounds like an old friend (to those of us old enough to remember these musical groups, that is). Mr. Kinny’s lyrics, however, are certainly up-to-date, with references to the isolation caused by personal electronic devices, environmental pollution (“Look into the river, I’m watching sludge flow by/There are no plants to speak of to purify/Some think it’s the devils work planned in secrecy/Stemming from fear and absence of decency”), distractions to the awareness of self, and other revelations. As such, although other musical figures are referenced, “Higher Self” is a unique and unusual collection of songs, worthy of closer listening.”

“We get hundreds of new CD submissions a year. Sadly, most of them do not require a great deal of listening. In fact, I can pretty much tell by the middle of the first song if the material meets the 0dayrock criteria. We consider production, songwriting skills like melody, lyrics, musicianship and, of course the abilities of the lead singer. If these skills grab us as positive, it will be here. Occasionally a submission grabs us from the ‘git go’ and by the 3rd song in we're hooked. Rod Kinny's "Higher Shelf" is one of them. It took us no time to get our foots tappin’, to get us to want to listen to that song again, and to make us want to sing along these sweet melodies. ”

“ The album “Higher Self” by Rod Kinny is sparkling pop/rock with a touch of smooth jazz and a bit of country. It is filled with positive emotions and it received this expressive name not by chance. The music of “Higher Self” and the manner of Rod Kinny performing and singing reminded me of the legendary Bee Gees to some extent. But the artist definitely has his own established style. His acoustic guitar playing is very accurate. The harmonies of “Higher Self” are enjoyable. The album is easily listened to from the first seconds to the last ones. “Higher Self” will be interesting not only for melodious pop/rock admirers, but for all those who love original multidimensional music. This album is undoubtedly not for one-time listening. ”

“A native of Minnesota, Rod Kinny as what can be described as a unique musical style. There are times on this disc that he brings to mind some of the classic sounds of 1970s pop, such as “Beyond The Impossible,” which reminds me of some of the Bee Gees’ finest work. Other standout tracks on the album include the soothing “Between Two Worlds” and the well-written “Water Into Wine.” Kinny wrote all the songs himself on HIGHER SELF, and shows himself to be quite the competent songwriter. As a tunesmith, he shines brightest on songs like “Old Into New,” and “London Town,” which features some nifty drum work from John Calarco. At the end of the day, it seems to be the title cut that is spurring the most interest from fans across the world. The song and album has performed well in eleven countries---so far, and the list keeps growing. Could America be next on the list? I wouldn’t bet against him! (c) 2005-2010 MNN Enterprises, LLC.”

“The easiest thing to pin on this CD is the singing. It sounds very much like The Bee Gees. There are times where the music resembles that, but the arrangements are all over the place. That said, overall, the disc sits close enough to progressive rock to get it pegged there. Only a handful of tracks are purely prog, but the rest is close enough that I’m OK with setting it there. Mind you, I had it under “non prog” at first. Whatever you call it, though, this is an entertaining disc that’s both catchy and meaty. It’s compelling while not requiring a lot of effort in terms of thought processes. It should appeal to prog rock fans, but there’s enough classic rock and AOR to earn it fans outside that circle.”

“Talented artist, Rod has had the excellent idea of working with Joe Puerta (Ambrosia / Bruce Hornsby & The Range), one of my favorite artists who also produced the "HIGHER SELF", available as CD or MP3 on CD Baby. Influence from Ambrosia, Steely Dan and Toto, Todd Rundgren, or to feel, mixed with a side of British pop in the late 80 or early 90s, the mixture is surprising. An album always punctuated with little downtime. Which had started with property pretty up-tempo like "Beyond The Impossible" or "Higher Self", with super Westcoast "Between Two World" or "Infinite Love" and the seventies Competition. Not to mention, the British "Water To Wine" or "London Town", not so far from a Prefab Sprout. In short, an embodiment with different tones, the very fine work. You can listen to some tracks from Rod on his myspace and of course order it on CD Baby , the price is light, do not deprive yourself.”

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““Higher Self” by Rod Kinny is an album about transformation of lives and the world, in Adult Contemporary and Popular styles of music. The CD is of professional quality with excellent mixing of a variety of instruments, lead and background vocals. Instrumentation includes a large selection of live performances, bringing a fullness of variety and a satisfyingly entertaining effect. Compositions are excellent. Lead vocals are good, with a chorus of harmony tastefully intermingling for maximum appeal. The album includes a combination of upbeat and reflective songs, capturing and maintaining listener attention. “Beyond The Impossible” is a smooth-flowing song, encouraging people to move past imagined limitations. “Higher Self”, is a Pop song of inspiration and introspection suggesting we look within to find connection to the source, leading to a magical life. The album fearlessly addresses a breakdown of long-established modes of operation.”

"Kinny packages hope, sexuality, optimism and pure soul."