Rodes / Press

"God Made The Hundreds Man Made'em Wild" Good to see you did'nt forget where you come from an you reppin it right my nigga.This is good music it's different from what's going on today

“I bought this album cause my man told me about it. This is a gem glad I creeped up on this one. Number 9 is really creative overall the album is pretty tight.”

“Online interview check it out ya'll.”

“It’s been five years since Rodes released new material, but “Bang Out” signals a defiant return. It’s the first single from his upcoming album Focus Or Fold and it sounds as if his hiatus has given him plenty of time to stew over the current state of the music industry. “Songs played all day to sway your way,” Rodes explains. “Real hip-hop artists get turned away.” Reviewed by Jason Randall Smith Rating: 3 stars (out of 5)”