Robbie Bartlett / Press

"Her lyrics may be familiar, but there is a unique soul behind the words. With eyes closed and hands in loose fists, she harnesses an energy that synthesizes into a symphony."

"Enjoy Robbie's music at Volare in February on the 9th, 11th, 16th and 23rd from 7:30-10:30pm. She's the featured entertainer at Pandora Productions' Masquerade on February 18 at Mellwood Arts Center. See Robbie's complete schedule at www.robbiebartlett.com."

“On Tuesday, October 5th, Robbie Barlett stopped by the WFPK Studio to talk about her upcoming performance at the Garvin Gate Blues Festival which will be happening Oct. 8th and 9th at the corner of Garvin and Oak. Robbie will be hitting the Main Stage Sat. afternoon at 4:15pm, but there will be lots of great performers on both days of the event. Here is what Robbie sounded like in our studio Read more: http://www.wfpk.org/2010/10/06/in-the-wfpk-studio-robbie-bartlett/#ixzz11jiKjuwb”