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“popVLTR: You've been making big moves in Jersey, what's your secret? Ripped: Work, Work and more Work. I don't think that there is a secret we just keep doing what we do. Align with positive people and situations and the negative can just stay where it lies. popVLTR: Congrats on the upcoming record, how does this project differ from others? Ripped: We've just released "King Of The World" and are getting quite a bit of notice from around the world on that. We have a lot of material to sort thru for the next official album but as a stop gap there may be a few singles released. A soundtrack is also underway for an upcoming movie called "Beach Zombie Bingo". The project is entering pre-production but the overall story is kind of hush hush. suffice it to say that this will be a very unique take on the history of the summer of 1977, the music and the whole Zombie phenomenon. Pretty much this script rocks and we are proud to be a part of making it ROCK! (Please click link for more)”

“Many fear the sophomore slump but not Jersey diehards Ripped. Back with a vengeance King of the World hammers out 12 mammoth tracks fueled by pulverizing guitar, thunderous bass and densely heavy drumming. The CD’s liner notes state, “No Autotune or keyboards were used for these sessions, just Budweiser, Jameson, Miller Lite and Heineken” which gives the listener a clear indication of what’s about to come out of the speakers. Steve Keller (guitar/vocals) leads the charge with Brian McGee (guitar), Jack France (bass/vocals), Steve Sroczynski (vocals) and Jeff Kelly (drums/vocals) building a towering monolith of pure heavy rock mayhem. Drummer Charlie Tappan and bassist Matt D’Esposito are also credited with helping to create a sonic landscape that gives respect to classic ‘70s rock while basking in a modern production. Original composition and title track “King of the World” kicks off with Southern-fried pickin’ before all hell breaks lose ... Please check link for mor”

“As Found in Issue 68: New Jersey-based Ripped unleash their 13-track debut with both guns a blazin’. They are whiskey-soaked, guitar-fueled, bad-ass rock and roll that takes you on a musical journey through Skynyrd, Stones, Rick Derringer, UFO, Alice Cooper and Aerosmith. Assembling the talents of Steve Keller (guitar/vocals), Jack France (bass/vocals), Jeff Kelly (drums/vocals), Brian McGee (guitar), Steve Sroczynski (vocals) they create a full sound with echoes of classic ‘70s buried deep within each cut. From the start, it’s the guitars that draw you in. Like Angus and Malcolm or Perry and Whitford, these guys find their magic in the riff. The rip-shortin’ “You’ve Got To Change,” the boogie of “Sweet Addiction” and driving “My Friend Alice” pay tribute with a crosscut swagger and balls-out rhythm. They even tackle UFO’s “Lights Out” with gusto and determination (and a spot on solo) reminiscent of rock’s legendary glory days. Please check link for more”

“I have to admit that after a few weeks of listening to local metal, hearing their classic hard rock sounds was almost soothing to my ears. “Wishing Well,” “Jack The Reaper” and the title-track to their new CD, King Of The World, were melodically sound with sort of a very classic tone. I even loved their cover of The Doors’ classic “L.A. Woman.” Singer Steve Sroczynski didn’t sound bad for an old man. Sorry, Steve! I couldn’t resist! According to their bio, Keller created the idea of Ripped nearly 25 years ago. The band has been through many changes throughout the years and as of only two years ago, Keller decided to resurrect what was left of his old band with all new members. He got Sroczynski to sing on a few tracks, which led to him eventually joining the band because of, what he felt, was amazing chemistry. Guitarist Brian McGee has been playing with Keller ever since the group’s second show. He joined the band after realizing Keller’s vision.”

“Heavy guitar riffs and smooth solos normally relate to the style of rock bands from the 1970s such as AC/DC, Black Sabbath and The Doors; however, New Jersey rock band Ripped hopes to bring that style back to the modern era. Created nearly 25 years ago by guitarist Steve Keller, Ripped has gone through many challenges over time and two years ago, resurrected with a new group, keeping in mind the heavy music that inspired the band in the first place. “I guess we’re pretty much in the style of classic rock,” said Sroczynski, who joined the band two years ago after Keller wanted a vocalist on a few tracks. When Sroczynski joined the band, he knew that it just had a good chemistry and could be successful. "In the studio when you’re making new music and it’s all fresh and it sounds great and everything’s coming together, you think to yourself, ‘This could really work. Sroczynski and the rest of the band show an appreciation for everyone... : http://www.theobserver.com/?p=3469”