Ma Rie / Press

“awesome music..... stopping thru to show some LUV to the movement.... 1LUV ~SLIC~”


“very nice : ) you got it goin' on”

Jesse Roussell

“Nice sound KEEP GRINDIN'”


“Hey I really like what your doing. Maybe we could collab in the future. Be sure to check out my songs, you won't regret it. Im a fan”

DJ Ses

“Every women is unique as a Diamond + so is your Music.”

michael c. matthews



“Great music with soul from Porirua's very own :)”

Robert Hellfritz Asi

“Porirua in the house.....”

Dj B-strap

“Amazing style and sound. Beautiful voice. Top Notch music here. Best wishes, Don Quinn”

Don Quinn

“MA RIE;groovy stuff here,love it,3 excellent tracks listened,amazing voice,stay creative,peace !!! Nico.”


“Excellent music!! cool sound!! great job! The Hawk Son is present here from Colombia to support you!!”

The Hawk Son

“a sweet, dubtastic groove puffing from your page Marie..very cool sound, tightly produced and mixed, and diggin the righteous, summery vibes. Once again fat freddy has dropped more decent Kiwi music our way to London Towne!!”


“Really enjoyed your music. Keep up the great work! greetings”

DJ Antonio

“Ma Rie Chance On Me „I've been searching for you all my life, I've been searching til the end of the time. I've been searching for all your love until the day, until the day it's mine“? There are people who search for love and there are people who are just found by love, are they? Today we were found by a Reggae Hip Hop artist from Prorirua Wellington New Zealand and some say, imagine the younger female version of Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff in the up and coming groove of a city that is the next hip spot you gonna get her. She has already convinced multiple big players on the scene and performed with Daniel Rae Costello, Brownhill, Savage, Ria Hall, Vintage, Tj Tautoa, Israel Starr, Under the sun or Lumpkinville. She says, she is ready and waiting to show the world that its her time and that she has what it take to make it in the music industry. You have what it needs to run a radio station entirely defined by majority vote. Chance on Her?”

"Beautiful Music suga love ur music please keep up with the Great Job"

Isaac Pula

"You are such an inspiration and so sweet. please stay strong. the world needs more people like you".

Saxony Raine RevelinRomance

"Beautiful. Heart and soul!"

Erica Bronwyn

"Nice Vibes Here.."


"hahaha.... youll be ready and awesome.... have a fun exciting day and enjoy the journey! loving Never Ever too by the way!!! its MEAN"

Benita Nrg Rising

"Nice tunes sister"

Matiu "The Hook" Te Huki