Richie Reinholdt / Press

“Richie Reinholdt's sound might be retro, but quality roots pop like this never goes out of style.”

“The Acousticals, Missoula Mt. "The Last To Know" This eerie and beautiful acoustic tune is bluegrass tie-dyed through '60's rock, and, as a result, it reminds me of the hippie folk hybrids drifting from San Francisco's clubs and ballrooms in the flower-power era. There's even a touch of David LaFlamme's smooth, soaring waver in Richie Reinholdt's vocal”

Micheal Molenda - Guitar Player

“Prolific Missoula musician Richie Reinholdt has created a style over his past few CDs that time-warps to the late 50s and early 60s – an era of great love songs”

“Richie Reinholdt has a way with words.”