Richard Paul Davis / Press

“ "As a songwriter, Davis' debut finds him on equal footing with both Rhett Miller and Brent Best. And from start to finish, Rattlesnake Inn delivers the alt-country goods with power, passion and (thankfully) absolutely no polish." ”

“ Beautifully rendered dust covered tales from off the beaten track This is a record with an enormous appeal; the broken fractured heart that drives the songs and the materials that they are built from combine so well together that they prove almost addictive. The songs are like wreckage ripped from a palace of song - they are base coats that allow rawness to show through. ‘This Same Heart’ is a voice and acoustic guitars, emotion and music trying to make sense of something that is unreasonable, ‘Blue’ is cut from the same cloth as the stately melancholia of Sophia. The songs themselves are like fragments of longer narratives and he fully inhabits the characters marooned in them, his croaky sing-speak perfect for ‘Ballad of a Skinwalker’ whilst a more hopeful voice narrates ‘Butterflies and Coyotes’. ‘Romeo 58’ is a 50’s song story as performed by the Tall Dwarves.”