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“FolkWords Reviews ‘I Love The Night’ by Richard Gilbert - a perfect soundtrack for a ‘road movie’ (September 29, 2015) Richard Gilbert’s songs are image-rich narratives built around insightful lyrics and perfectly placed melodies that reflect on a range of emotions, public and private, making statements you can relate to with messages that touch. His album ‘I Love The Night’ follows thatrichard gilbert album cover 001 trend but there’s also an enduring theme of travelling within its songs, not merely physical journeying but philosophies of moving on, looking back and restlessness. If there was an album to offer itself as a perfect soundtrack for a ‘road movie’ or ‘right-of-passage’ story, then this is the one – film producers take note. There’s the same laid back vocals that relate the stories giving them a warmth and ready acceptance that makes you want to take to the journey with Gilbert, just to see where the road goes or where it’s been.”

"I Love the Night is Denton folk artist Richard Gilbert’s quiet EP on matters of the heart." "Gilbert’s music is always sincere. I Love the Night isn’t a departure from what has come before, but it is somehow more bare and — at turns — affecting."

“It’s ‘man with guitar’ time again (as a certain Mr Carroll often says) – that’s one man writing, singing and playing. This time it’s ‘On The Run’ from Texas-born Richard Gilbert. The bottom line is this – it’s one man’s album of timeless acoustic songs equally at home from this year, last year or thirty years ago. Richard Gilbert writes insightful lyrics, sings evocative songs and plays guitar with an unpretentious yet precise style. This one’s going to get you for sure. His laconic, almost nonchalant vocal delivery belies the intensity of emotion wrapped up in the songs. These tunes fall easily to your ears and lead you into the depths of the stories Richard tells so well From the restless questing of ‘On The Run’ through the reflective ‘Nothin’ But A Dream’ to the dark sadness of ‘Black Sunday’ and the quiet memories of ‘I Would Go’ – these are soul-soothing songs that will stand the test of time. And yet Richard’s an unsigned artist ”

“Richard Gilbert song writing excellence Richard Gilbert is music and songwriting distilled down to its most no nonsense, make no bones about it, essence.  Starkly beautiful, easy and fluid songs flow one into the other.  Stories told by a man who has seen a thing or two while retaining a tender view of life.  Richard shares sonic snapshots reminding you of the last days of fall when the air is still sweet, summer long gone and the first hints of winter creep into your peripheral vision.  Best with a glass of wine or high quality brew, pick a quiet evening, sit back and savor Richard Gilbert ”

““The quality of the binning of this song was very calming and easy to the ears because of the smooth guitar that was being played. It really got me ready for the nice soothing lyrics up to come. The vocals were amazing, so warming to the listener. This is seriously a song that I would love to listen to again and again because it is definitely my type of music. This song also has a great message for the listeners which was easy to understand. I loved the lyrics of this song and how nice and happy they made me feel.””

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““I really love the guitar picking in the intro, really give an old folk feel. The vocalist is so awesome, i love his sound. I do like the way the female vocalist will harmonize well with him. Love this song””

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“ Very Well Done ~ Absolutely Brilliant ~ Best Regards”

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“it's so refreshing to hear such articulate, intelligent songs with such an easy, accessible melodic charm..really enjoy the lyrics and vocals for "touch", and lovin those harmonies on the chorus for "cant stop the rain"..diggin your skills”

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