Rhesus Monkey / Press

“The Good Earth is pure magic. Robin lets his Rhesus Monkey teach us the wonder of our historical space program. Man at his best. Music that invades the senses.”

“I've tried to imagine the world of Lovell, Borman and Anders as the first humans to witness the totality of the Good Earth and the Moon. I cannot. Sometimes awe and wonder is enough. As usual, Rhesus Monkey puts the words of the witnesses in the spotlight and let's them shine.”

“Stunning video of shattered times (The Old Lion). Your musical pieces are sonic masterpieces!”

“Spacewalk fullscreen is quite an experience. Perfect soundtrack perfectly integrated.”

“The Blitz is breathtaking in its scope. A document of a terrifying moment in England's history set to a sweeping cinematic score.”

“This is one of the most Insightful, Creative, Fascinating, Brilliant collections of songs I have every heard in my life.”

“If I ever make a film, I want Rhesus Monkey to write the musical score.”

“From time to time we do need music to accompany some of the videos we make. It would be great if you’d be willing to let us use tracks from Space Race.”

“Beautiful constructions of melodies, chilled rhythms, sensual soundscapes and rich, organic orchestrations to produce vividly cinematic music..love the way that each tune maintains a tough, focused tension..the horns and percussion of "Old Lion" demonstrate this perfectly. A highly visual, deeply rewarding listening experience.”