“When listening, you hear the influence of modern metalcore and prog, but also post-hardcore as well as even some post-grunge...The vocals are mostly of the clean variety, although periodically, you might find yourself raising both eyebrows as you imagine in your mind's eye the pleasant lady who is suddenly performing these impressive growls.”

“A beleaguered point has been made by me in my past few entries: pop music is stale, and someone’s got to save us. We need rock legends, stat! Contending (and frontrunners) for that honour are a band who has emerged from the burgeoning Torontonian hardcore music scene, an act that marries exceptional instrumental proficiency with extraordinary melodic range. They are Red Handed Denial, with their new offering, the new Eyes and Liquid Skies EP. ...If Red Handed Denial had a middle name, it would be Complexity. There are more tempo changes present on one track than some bands have on their entire albums. Guitar riffs fly wildly and then disappear, already having morphed into something new...Think Paramore, but with talent. The tracks on here are visceral but laden heavily with melodic hooks made of titanium; none are easily forgotten in any respect...”